The term “Jet Set Babe” is used to describe an affluent woman who travels frequently. Jet set babes are a part of the Slaylebrity school of affluence. They are often seen as big spenders and have expensive tastes. The Jet Set Babe is often associated with luxury concierge, FASHION, and ELEGANCE.

Things I wish I had known when I was just becoming an adult:
1. Be ok with being alone. There is a huge difference between NEEDING a man and WANTING a man. Don’t settle.
2. You have to be happy in your own skin before you can be happy in a relationship. Focus on your education and establishing your career. Learn to manage your finances and your life and to stand on your own two feet as an independent woman FIRST. The confidence you gain will project to the world, and in turn, make you more and more attractive.
3. You don’t need as much stuff as you think you do. Nobody needs ten eyeshadow palettes. A lot of stuff just drags you down. A lot of times we think quantity is as satisfying as quality— but it isn’t. It’s so much more satisfying and joyful to have ONE perfect thing, than five ok ones. And like Anna said, use your best things and enjoy them.
4. Be mindful of this thing about men—— you cannot change them. I don’t mean little quirks— we all have those. I mean the big stuff, the red flags. Men are on their best behavior when dating—- marrying them won’t change them. Make sure you are happy with your man AS IS before committing.
5. You’re not his mommy. There is a difference between caring for your partner and babying him. The more you baby him, the less of a man he’ll be in your eyes.
6. Always take care of yourself first. Eat healthfully, exercise, take care of your skin, hair, nails, etc. Get enough sleep. Save your money. Always be learning. All of the things Anna teaches for being classy and elegant. Invest in yourself.
In this section we will explore the elegance tips for the jet set babe.

Tips you should not forget for sure

Do not chase men. Remember you are the prize, not the other way around.
– Focus on yourself and on your future. Education, courses etc. Something that will give you money and secure your future.
– Do not be mens’ psychologist. If you decide to babysit man with personal problems you are giving him free psychological consultations and they are specialists for that, it is not your role. You are neither his mother nor psychologist
– Do not go 50/50. If you are living with him and going 50/50, this is not partnership, you are roommates.
– Do not let men gaslight you. Example? ‘oh, you are overreacting’. No, you are not, this is your reaction which is appropriate to the situation you are in.

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Till the next slay time!

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Do not chase men. Remember you are the prize, not the other way around.

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