What do high-value men think of plastic surgery on women? Should you do a boob job or get lip fillers?

The truth: They don’t like the IDEA of it. They want to enjoy the results of it. Rich Men are funny.

Don’t pay attention to a man’s words, pay attention to their actions. Men are visual creatures as long as you look beautiful they will always make an exception.

I met a wealthy man in 1976 who I really liked. We had fun with his group traveling for a few years internationally. I went another direction until 2001 when I decided to look for him again. Because I am bilingual and confident, I found him and he was pleased. He invited me for a weekend on his yacht but told me he’d be bringing his girlfriend. That was fine with me since I wasn’t interested in sex during that trip. I just wanted to see if he had changed and to experience his boat and his lifestyle. I offered to teach his girlfriend the Egyptian dance art with finger cymbals that I taught women way back when I first met him.

I arrived at the the yacht first in the Bahamas, and an hour later he walked in with the girlfriend and some companions. Secretly I was shocked at how completely plastic she was. She looked completely like a petite Barbie doll from head to toe. Cute but very demure and very quiet. She looked 30 and we were 50. I couldn’t get a conversation going with her. I observed her for three days on the yacht. Every aspect of her had been under surgery. She was my age. I got a “compliment from my host that I was very “well preserved “. In the 30 years since I had seen him, I had only a chem peel and a blephero. I also don’t drink or smoke and I eat greens a lot. He didn’t look as good as I did. He was 5 years older. He had those man boobs tanned rich men get. Ewww. Later we all went ashore to do some gambling. After that I saw him take his girlfriend shopping for fancy handbags. It was obvious that he had bought her, her silence, and paid for all her surgery so she could represent him as the perfect cutesy young thing and always be available for him and his travels. It was a fake life. An empty experience on a rich mans prize pinnacle of achievement- his yacht. But the man had changed and I couldn’t get interested in this false, plastic lifestyle. He had changed. Big time.

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