Growing up in California, it’s hard not to pick up a camera and capture its beauty. The first time I shot surfing I was hooked. The ability that these men and women have to navigate a ball of energy that they have little control over is an incredible feat. When you combine that with the beauty of the ocean and natural light you can create some mind blowing images. I’ve always been a firm believer that the whole purpose of creating an image is to provoke thought, emotion, and conversation. If you have done any of these three things, negatively or positively, I believe that you have done something right. My objective is to capture that single moment where all three of those things happen at once.

By Brian Clifford

Because Surfing is bliss

Guess the turn

Source: @theoceanfeel

Caught between a mutant and a magic feel

Source: @theoceanfeel

It doesn't get more picturesque

Source: @theoceanfeel

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