These incredible self-deploying buildings pop up in 8 minutes flat

In the future, buildings could build themselves. Ten Fold Engineering, based in the United Kingdom, is offering self-deploying structures that open up in under 10 minutes solely with the help of a hand-held battery-powered drill. Their 689-square-foot structures could be used as medical clinics, eco hotels or even tree houses

Ten Fold’s technology is for people and products that move.

Ten Fold licenses its patented lever-based systems to transform the shape and utility of your products.

This technology allows people and the things they work with to be where they are needed.

Introducing the Ten Fold TF-64 Transportable Unfolding House:

Ten Fold is showcasing its technology for a new type of mobile building. The video is real.

This demonstrator is operated by motor but buildings using this technology can be counterbalanced and operated manually, quickly and easily, in any location.
These buildings can self unload from a standard lorry.
When closed for transport it has a Cargo Bay of 23 m3.

In addition this building can incorporate terraces or extra space on both sides.

Buildings using this technology are extremely adaptable and can be constructed in many different materials and in many different sizes and styles to suit almost any application or geography.
Complimentary modules can be attached to both ends to provide additional facilities such as water processing, Air Locks or extra storage space.

This is fully equipped, ready to use space, where and when you need it.
Ten Fold technology: unfolding a new way.

TEN FOLD’s lever-based IP is simple, but it underpins an amazing variety of extremely useful mechanical movements that confer advantage on the products that use it.

Ten Fold technology is easy to build and assemble and many existing factories will be able to adapt to produce it.
Local and regional manufacturing will bring the product closest to where it is needed and promote employment.

We invite manufacturers interested in using the ten fold technology to contact them here


Ten Fold Engineering Limited,
Milton Park Innovation Centre,
99 Park Drive, Milton Park,
Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 4RY,
United Kingdom

Times are changing move or get out of the way

Source: Ten fold technology

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