Brad Pitt’s team is laughing at Angelina Jolie’s latest attempts to take a swipe at his fortune!

Days after it was revealed that the Moneyball actor loaned his estranged wife $8 million to buy a house, it was reported that Angie was considering filing a claim to get even more money out Brad, who reportedly has a net worth of $240 million, compared to her $160 mil.

The couple doesn’t have a prenup, which means anything they earned during their marriage will be a 50/50 split. But the bad news for Angie is that they married in 2014, about ten years after they got together.

As we reported, the Maleficent 2 star is debating filing a claim that could prove they had an agreement that he would support her — thus, landing her a slice of Brad’s income from sometime around 2004 through 2014 — but sources close to Daddy Pitt tell TMZ that such a promise was never made because both parties were extremely rich from being, you know, movie stars.

Interestingly enough, the couple delayed getting married for eight years because they wanted to wait until gay marriage became legal in California. Had they not, the two likely would’ve gotten hitched in 2006 and Angie would have been entitled to much, much more in community property.

So congrats to us gays, we guess? Looks like we’re the reason Angelina Jolie isn’t getting millions more of Brad’s dough!

By Perez Hilton

Hi Angelina is this Karma calling?

Brad Pitt’s legal team are ready to destroy Angelina Jolie who is after his pre wedding income

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