TWO new Strictly Come Dancing professionals have sparked outrage by performing a “discriminatory” fat suit dance routine.
Katya and Neil Jones, who were unveiled last month as two of six new professionals joining the hit BBC show, poked fun at overweight dancers with a “fat ChaCha” during their Dutch Open Showdance.

But hundreds of dance fans have hit out at the couple on social media for their “disgusting fat shaming routine” – and have vowed not to support the Strictly duo in the future.
Teacher Stephanie Marie Fox fumed: “Your “fat suit” routine is a disgrace to the dance community.
“Dance should be positive and inclusive and your shameful routine is in extremely poor taste.
“I cannot support dancers who discriminate against or ostracise others.”

Another, Clare Wilkinson, blasted: “I am utterly horrified. How unprofessional and how disgusting of competitive dance to celebrate the ridicule of any group in society.
“I thought that the comedy fat suit routines were going the same was as “blacking up”.”

And Fatima Parker added: “Fat ChaCha by Neil and Ekaterina Jones is fat shaming and stigmatising, wearing fat suits to ridicule fat bodies is harmful.”

During Katya and Neil’s routine, the married couple were seen pretending to wheeze and mocking unfit dancers as they competed against a host of other dancers who were dressed in regular glitzy

And the pair, whose dance has been shared and viewed by over 1million people on YouTube, were even placed second in the competition – despite their controversial and “offensive” theme.
A host of fans have even admitted that the routine would “discourage” overweight people from being active.

Deidre Miller slammed: “Schoolyard “humour.” Very childish and offensive. This kind of thing discourages heavy people from being physically active – they assume they’ll just be laughed at.”
The pair are currently mid-way through professional dancers’ rehearsals for this year’s Strictly, which is due back on screens next month.

A spokesperson for Neil and Katya said: “Neil and Katya’s show-dance was never intended to offend – it was a performance for which they won second place in the Professional Latin World Show-dance Championship.”

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Lard of the dance

The offensive routine still managed to win them second place at the event

This is what Katya and Neil really look like

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