If you haven’t heard of bree Glamour sweets and Lyttelton bakery you are seriously missing out.

First and foremost – they have underground coffee – that’s almost enough to give 5 stars right there no matter the food!

The shop is located in funky Lyttelton and it’s definitely worth the trip to have a wander about and check out some other local businesses. We highly recommend doing what we did – and that’s combine a visit here with the day of the farmers market… so much to see after a coffee and donut!

The premises is clean and tidy (looks new – presumably a rebuild after the earthquakes) and has sturdy comfortable seating. It’s not overly big but does make the most of available space – could be an issue to get a seat if they are really busy though… but on a nice day that’s no problem – just get everything “to go” and go find somewhere nice to sit nearby – there’s plenty of places!

On our visit there was a stunning array of donut varieties and cheesecake varieties. They all looked super tempting. We chose a “salted caramel brandy snap” donut and a “hot chocolate” donut. The body/bulk of the donuts we had was super fresh and super tasty. The cream was certainly fresh but a little too much for our taste and We scraped most of it off. The brandy snap was still nice and crisp and we thoroughly enjoyed the hot chocolate donut.

The service we received was terrific – friendly, smiley staff… great!

In summary – terrific coffee and very nice/satisfying sweet treat donuts. There are, of course, other (“your usual”) bakery items on offer!

How to contact


Tel: +64 3 328 9004

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Caramel Brownie

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