Feminism: The Delusion and Convenient Disappearance of so-called “Feminists”

Hey, That Slaylebrity Life here, ready to dismantle the feminist charade that has permeated our society. Brace yourself, ladies and gentlemen, as I shine a merciless light on the grand illusion of feminism and expose how quickly the self-proclaimed warriors for equality retreat when confronted with inconvenient truths.

Recently, Andrew delved into the depths of this feminist circus on a podcast fresh and fit , and oh boy, the hysteria was palpable. As the mere mention of the words “danger” escaped his lips, it set off warning bells and the feminists delicate sensibilities were triggered. Like a flock of terrified pigeons, they scattered, abandoning ship, leaving behind only a cloud of desperation and hypocrisy.

You see, feminists claim to champion equality and seek to empower women. But it’s nothing more than an elaborate ruse, a sham that crumbles when faced with any form of danger or uncomfortable dialogue. They beckon for space to express themselves, to debate, yet when someone challenges their ideological echo chamber, poof! They vanish, evaporating into thin air.

Where are the feminists when they’re confronted by stark realities that clash with their narrative? Oh, they’ll march on the streets, preach on social media, and brazenly demand respect, but the minute danger arrives , they scurry away like frightened mice. What happened to their bravery? Their alleged conviction in fighting for equality? It all evaporates when the temperature rises, and logical discourse enters the picture.

While they may claim to be advocates for women’s progress, feminists conveniently neglect the astonishing achievements that women have made in recent decades. Instead, they perpetuate the notion that women are oppressed by the patriarchy, stuck in a never-ending battle that can only be won through constant victimhood.

Empowerment isn’t found in cringing at every perceived slight or in blaming men for every obstacle faced. True empowerment comes from recognizing one’s own strength, seizing opportunities, and overcoming adversity through hard work and resilience. But these feminists seem to have forgotten these essential truths, choosing instead to play the perpetual victim card.

Perhaps the absence of feminists during genuine war stems from their fear of confronting uncomfortable realities. Maybe deep down, they realize that true equality cannot be achieved solely by blaming others or relying on manufactured grievances. Instead, it necessitates introspection, personal growth, and a refusal to be defined by victimhood.

So, where are these feminists? Their absence speaks volumes. It’s time for them to cast off the ideological shackles that constrain genuine progress and engage in meaningful dialogue. No more running away when faced with danger or diverse perspectives. But of course there’s no such thing as a feminist is there, all women want protection from Men.

While feminists may continue disappearing like Houdini whenever real debate arises, those of us who seek genuine progress will persist. We’ll keep questioning, challenging, and advancing the conversations that lead to positive change. So feminists, take a long, hard look at yourselves before you vanish into the abyss once again. The world is changing, and it’s time for you to adapt or fade into obscurity.

Remember, true equality is forged through dialogue, resilience, and unwavering determination. It’s time to put your words into action or be forever remembered as the elusive phantoms of feminism, doomed to evade substantive conversations and fade into irrelevance.

Peace out,

That Slaylebrity Life

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You see, feminists claim to champion equality and seek to empower women. But it's nothing more than an elaborate ruse, a sham that crumbles when faced with any form of danger or uncomfortable dialogue.

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