The debate was heated but Andrew refused to be bullied into admitting guilt, Andrew however skirts around key issues but this is the brilliance of the man he is a professional public relations manager, he is invincible alas it seems that the media are really out to ensure his eventual downfall.

One particular moment during the interview had viewers on the edge of their seats. As the BBC journalist attempted to make a point, Andrew Tate simply used his influencer Slaylebrity skills to shut her down abruptly Which caused the interviewer to actually quit the interview as per the full Andrew Tate version below. The internet has since dubbed this as the ultimate “mic drop”.

Twitter erupted with praises for Andrew Tate, with many celebrating his bold move and congratulating him for standing up against the media. Others, however, criticized his actions, claiming that he was avoiding answering the journalist’s questions.

Despite the mixed reactions, one thing is certain: Andrew Tate has left a lasting impression on the internet and the media. Whether you agree with his actions or not, there is no denying that he is a force to be reckoned with.

This viral moment has once again proven that in the age of social media, anyone has the power to create a viral moment. With the right timing and a little bit of attitude, you could be the next internet sensation. So, take a lesson from Andrew Tate and don’t be afraid to drop the mic and walk away. Who knows, it may just be your moment to shine.

Andrew Tate Version

Andrew Tate first words after BBC interview

Andrew Tate is still trying to get out of his current predicament

How much is Andrew Tate worth in 2023?

Since his infamous arrest, Romanian officials have seized several of Tate’s assets including his luxury cars, credit cards, bank accounts, and so forth. This has made people presume that Andrew’s businesses have suffered a lot in recent times. However, before his arrest, Andrew Tate has gone on record saying his net worth is close to $335 million, with many claiming it is higher than the said number.

Andrew Tate made his first million during his kickboxing days. But he didn’t earn those figures as a fighter, rather he started an online webcam business to bag that amount. In a conversation with Anthony Pompliano, Tate said that he initially approached his “girlfriends” to work for a webcam business that he’d set up. Soon it would flourish into what he refers to as “a webcam empire” with 4 locations and 75 girls.

Andrew garnered more notoriety through his ‘Hustler’s University,’ where he teaches the youth how to get rich. According to ‘Top G,’ the platform had over 100,000 active subscribers at one point. Reports claim Tate was making around $5 million per month from the platform alone.

Andrew is also the brains behind War Room – a community with a $5,000 entry fee for men over 18. This particular project has gained a lot of traction with around 1,800 members joining since early 2021. Through his multiple revenues of income streams, most of which aren’t known to many, Andrew has earned quite a luxurious lifestyle for himself.

Aside from owning high-end mansions spanning Romania, Andrew’s love for supercars is also common knowledge. However, officials recently seized his collection as part of the investigation. Outside his online investments, Tate also owns 15 casinos in Romania along with his brother Tristan. He is said to have partnered with a mafia family before setting on this venture.

Andrew Tate responds to BBC

The BBC has been begging me for an interview, daily, since I left jail.

They promised to discuss the problems with the Romanian justice system, the unfair detention of a man who hasnt been found guilty, the conditions inside of Romanian jail.

They sent a list of questions in advance, which I did NOT ask for, as a measure of “good faith” that they wanted to show “the other side of Andrew Tate, and do a fair and balanced piece on the unspoken perspective”

They then sat down, threw all of this away and attacked me instantly, an ambush.

A hit job attempt.

They attempted to sucker punch me.

They failed.

Slaylebrity Net Worth

Social fans: 6.7 Million

EST Net Worth : $50,000,000 – $350,000,000








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The debate was heated but Andrew refused to be bullied into admitting guilt

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