The Alps in the background, the Allgäu in the heart: The Allgäu Skyline Park is the leisure-touristic gateway to the Allgäu. No other amusement park in Bavaria is so close to the metropolis of Munich and the Alps and can be integrated into a perfect excursion weekend. No other amusement park in Bavaria is so extensive, has so many rides, meanwhile over 60 attractions, and covers all age groups due to the variety of these. The Bavarian closeness to the homeland, coupled with international hospitality, is reflected even more in the park in the future.

The owner-managed family and leisure park, the Löwenthal family, is located directly on the A96 between Munich and Lindau, exit Bad Wörishofen. Quick and easy to reach. Free parking spaces are available.

Best rides:
Sky Wheel, the highest overhead roller coaster in Europe. Sky Dragster, the strongest motorcycle coaster in the world. Fun pool, the only outdoor pool in a German theme park. Kids farm, award-winning, lovingly designed play island in farm style. New white water ride, largest transportable water ride in the world.
Best price-performance ratio:
Few amusement parks offer so much fun for so little money. The Allgäu Skyline Park also scores with a fun pool included in the entrance fee and an extremely inexpensive gastronomy.

Best gastronomy:
After so much excitement and excitement, everyone deserves a break, and in our restaurants, too, families are the focus: quality, freshness, versatility of the food on offer and the good price-performance ratio are easy on the wallet, healthy and taste good. The Allgäu Skyline Park has already received several awards for this. Especially popular: The Skyline Park breakfast for only one euro – so strengthened the day can begin.
Best events:
A park for the whole family! The Allgäu Skyline Park offers the right variety for every age, and not only with over 60 rides and attractions. The variety of events is also unique. From the child-friendly Easter fun to the colourful programme of the family festival to the cool party at Skyline Park at night or at the summer opening. Here everyone will find an event to his taste. The summer holiday programme also impresses with its versatility.

7 at a stroke

The innovations will focus on two areas: On the one hand, a completely new area will be created on a 3 hectare site. This corresponds to an area of 6 football pitches. The highlight here will be the new Sky Dragster, the world’s first motorcycle coaster where you can determine your own speed. The Sky Dragster is a world novelty, which is built uniquely for the Allgäu Skyline Park. At the same time, the Sky Dragster is the first spike coaster and the most powerful motorbike coaster in the world. Maximum feeling of freedom and real motorcycle feeling guaranteed. Just a stone’s throw away is the world’s largest transportable water ride. Lined in mining style, not only mighty in size, but also thanks to over 20 boats with a fantastic capacity. The new area is rounded off by a small Bavarian village with gastronomy, lovingly laid out paths and a lake with a waterfall.

Zero Gravity – a huge driven centrifuge where the passengers lose the ground under their feet. It is only through the resulting forces that the passengers are pressed against the outer walls and stick to them.  A ride for all fans of action and thrill!

High Fly – giant under the giant swings and with 33 m height the biggest overhead swing in a German amusement park! Extreme 360°-degree riding program.

Kids Spin – with its 90 m track and the rotation of the gondolas, the perfect beginner coaster for the smaller visitors.

Sky Jump – completely detached with the bungee trampoline it goes higher and higher according to your mood. With the right momentum, you can also roll over and somersaults. Especially children are enthusiastic about the weightless body feeling.

Kids Car – also a beginner’s paradise. Produced by the built-in air pressure cylinder a wonderful and at the same time pleasant, funny tingling in the belly.
Enjoy together with your family an extraordinary and exciting day in the Allgäu Skyline Park. High trees, dense hedges, lawns, lots of water and small biotopes invite you to linger. Although the park offers a new surprise behind every bend, it also invites you to relax. Leave everyday life behind you and choose between amiable nostalgia and breathtaking action and a variety of new children’s attractions – of course there is everything – for one price!

Happy children, satisfied and relaxed parents – that’s guaranteed for a day in the Allgäu Skyline Park.

The Alps in the background, The leisure-touristic gateway to the Allgäu!

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