Perfection. There was a clear goal in mind for Dr. Raj Kanodia when he embarked upon his architectural odyssey.
As a rare long time resident of the coveted East Gate of Bel Air, there was no better visionary to procure the finest lot of the neighborhood. In 2011, a serene promontory on the elite Bel Air road called his name. Just moments from Sunset Boulevard, this hilltop nirvana was the ultimate canvas to channel his talent into the defining estate of Los Angeles. A culmination of a lifetime of seasoned style, knowledge, skills, and people: the groundwork was laid for his masterpiece.

The journey began with a hunt for the world’s most discerning stylistic eyes, most meticulous craftsmen, and keenest visionaries who could help Dr. Kanodia make his dream reality. The dramatic architecture drawn from the sketchbook of the revered Paul McClean, the stone laid by the artisans of Tyler Construction, the fastidious fit and finishes of Lynda Murray and Mass Beverly; it was the purest symphony of the greatest minds and skill that real estate had to offer.

Modern. Exotic. Timeless. Formed with surgical precision. From the lush landscape gardens to the striking water features, every inch of Dr. Kanodia’s desire was realized. Envisioned from day one as his dream personal home, every ounce of his passion and soul was poured in to create something truly remarkable. An era defining estate that exudes quality from every angle, 908 Bel Air is a masterpiece in every sense of the word. The grand scale is evident from the 29’ entryway ceilings to the expansive views spanning the snowcapped mountains of the Angeles forest to the offshore oasis of Catalina. 34,000 square feet of pure perfection.

9 Beds | 20 Baths | 34000 sq.ft.

Price: $180,000,000


Modern. Exotic. Timeless.

Formed with surgical precision

The purest symphony of the greatest minds and skill that real estate had to offer.

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