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Bretman Rock… Who’s Bretman Rock ? Bretman rock is a Hawaii-based makeup vlogging guru and Instagram star who will be hosting this year RED CARPET
event at the Miss Universe 2017.

His known for his vlogs and make-up tutorials. He has more than 7.1 million followers on Instagram, and his videos on his
YouTube channel has over 26 million views.

Rock talks about how he fell in love with makeup in the first place, saying that though he grew up in the presence of a lot of women, he wasn’t exactly surrounded by the beauty-obsessed. How fortunate, then, for YouTube.
It’s this similarly positive attitude that’s followed him around for most of his life, and it’s given Rock the wings to be such a paragon of confidence. “I live in Hawaii, where everyone is accepting and it’s not really a thing to judge someone.

To see the fierce, devil-may-care attitude that Rock displays on his social media, it’s hard to believe that someone overflowing with confidence would worry about such things. But Rock is full of surprises, and a much steadier personality in person than one would assume from seeing his videos. He’s in student council and maintains a 3.5 GPA, and is actually a track star of sorts. “People expect me to be dumb because I’m always late for school, and I don’t always speak like I’m knowledgeable. People don’t think I’m sporty, but I’ve been doing sports my whole life — baseball, soccer, cross-country, volleyball, and now I do track. Sports are my therapy; I’m not thinking about anything else, I’m just thinking about running. I like the rush.”

One can assume that this is also why Rock has expressed interest in starting a show business career here in the Philippines. “People here are so heartwarming and nice, and I’m not saying they’re not like that in Hawaii, but I feel like I’m best friends with all my supporters here. That’s all you can really ask for.”


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bretman rock

A Ilocano-born male who’s been living in Hawaii since he was seven. Although also a YouTube star with views averaging from 400,000 to over a million, Rock is also known to make a string of Instagram videos as tutorials.

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