On Instagram, nothing is off limits when it comes to putting together creative makeup looks. Makeup artists have glued flowers onto their lashes. Others have flecked their eyebrows with bread crumbs. We’ve even seen an uptick in pom pom-centric eye makeup. Just when we thought we’d seen it all, toilet paper entered the game. Italian makeup artist Greta Agazzi used the stuff you wipe your butt with to create absolutely stunning toilet paper lip art. The craziest part — yes, that exists — is you would never know she used good old TP for the textured look.

If you were to scroll past the toilet paper lip art quickly on your Instagram feed, you’d think Agazzi used foil or holographic cellophane. Instead, she put toilet paper — clean, of course — on her pout before brushing on matte and metallic liquid lipsticks from Lime Crime. Surprisingly, the toilet paper didn’t completely disintegrate under all the lipstick. We reached out to Agazzi to find out how she made this magic happen and will update this post when we hear back. We’re guessing she must have used a thick ply, though. You know, that good, expensive stuff.

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Unique lip Art

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Gold sparkle

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Amazing one

Toilet paper lip art

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Lip art tutorial

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Metallic blue lip art tutorial

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