Discover a special world for the Haves!

Since its inception, Lexani Motorcars has exceeded every expectation, providing custom luxury vehicles for professional athletes, Hollywood elite, and heads of state around the world.

The possibilities are endless with custom luxury interior upgrades for automobiles. At Lexani Motorcars the mission is to provide the most functional, luxurious, and elegant travel experience possible.

Luxury interiors exude a classic look with colorful variety of materials and options available to exceed any desire. Each conversion is fully customizable and includes the technology and amenities to make every drive feel like a getaway.

Typical price range for a customised Lexani Escalade

Expect to spend around $250k to $450k, depending on the trim level, stretch, and armoring, among others. You shouldn’t be surprised, really!

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The possibilities are endless, Discover a special world for the Haves

When the World of Luxury knows no Boundaries

Opulence at its finest hour

Extravagance in all its likeness

Extreme Luxury with no Limits

More than First Class, that VIP premium Life

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