Why Slaylebrity don’t do sales Ever

Here at Slaylebrity we have decided to never do any sales or discounts. We want every customer to feel important and equal, and also to be confident that they are getting the best deal at all times. So, no matter when you purchase, you are always getting the best deal.

The problem with sales and deals:
When some customers get discounts and other customers don’t because they missed a sale, they feel like they got ripped off. We don’t like any of our members to feel that way. We also make sure our products are of the highest quality and that our service prices are already as low as we can make them.

How to get our best deal any day:
If you are hoping to get a deal, here’s the best one there is – and it’s available every day of the year: Slaylebrity sell a Members License which includes several perks including discounts. The discount received depends on the membership level note that business accounts(silver club) don’t get discounts. Membership is available to everyone at any time and includes unlimited ability to share content on Slaylebrity.

There’s a good reason as to why Slaylebrity never discount on price to non members. If you know the novelty of being a Slaylebrity member , you’ll know that it is coveted and will follow you throughout the years.

Slaylebrity delivers on quality and value – and we can’t help but look up to this resounding business model.

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It's about Quality not Sales

Why Slaylebrity don’t do sales Ever

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