Have you ever noticed how, in movies, people in management positions are more attractive? Well, apparently that doesn’t only happen in the movies. There have been many studies that demonstrate that people who are more attractive are more successful when it comes to business. This means not only in job interviews, but also in the workplace.

A new study from Rice University called “Discrimination Against Facially Stigmatized Applicants: An Eye-Tracking and Face-to-Face Investigation,” where interviewees received bad ratings due to some sort facial disfigurement, proves that it is natural human instinct to have a negative reaction to facial blemishes.

“The bottom line is that how your face looks can significantly influence the success of an interview,” Rice University Professor of Psychology, Mikki Hebl, states. “There have been many studies showing that specific groups of people are discriminated against in the workplace, but this study takes it a step further, showing why it happens. The allocation of attention away from memory for the interview content explains this.”
Eve Tahmincioglu writes, “good-looking bosses were found to be more competent, collaborative and better delegators than their less attractive counterparts, and most women believe they are judged in the workplace on the basis of their looks.”

According to another survey called “Work & Power” done by Elle and MSNBC.com, good looks are a trait that both men and women find important:
* 58% of attractive female bosses got high ratings for being successful at their jobs, while it was 41% for “average-looking” females and only 23% for unattractive females
* 61% of attractive male bosses got high ratings for being efficient at their jobs, 41% for average-looking males and then 25% for those classified as unattractive  

Dr. Daniel Hamermesh, who is the author of Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful, has research that demonstrates good-looking people make more money:
* Attractive people will earn up to 3% or 4% more than “average-looking” people
* This can be up to $230,000 more for an attractive person versus an ordinary person
* An average-looking individual will probably make $140,000 in a lifetime than someone who is unattractive

Always remember that your appearance is key, especially when it comes to the workplace. Looking good when you leave for work should be a priority. Pressed suits, shined shoes, and good hygiene can take you a long way.

One other factor that can help successfulness in the workplace is displaying confidence. Regardless of whether or not you are considered “good looking,” it is important to display that you are self-assured. People cannot believe in you if you do not believe in yourself.

Overall, attractive people may do better in interviews and get paid more, but there are other factors besides looks that will make you go far in your career. Your personality and intelligence will take you places in life, and that is an important factor to remember. While it may be human nature to judge people on their looks, it is possible to look beyond this. As my parents always told me — don’t judge a book by its cover.


By Business Insider

Attractive people will earn up to 3% or 4% more than “average-looking” people.

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