Why Davido and Chioma’s relationship is NOT #goals

Earlier this year, Davido and Chioma turned social media upside down after he professed his love for her in a romantic and expensive way. The singer has been singing his praises for his bae across all his social media platforms.

Davido went further on April 30, which was Chioma’s birthday. He gave his girlfriend a Porsche car and even released a song titled Assurance for her.
After the photos from the birthday party showing the Porsche were released on social media, Nigerians were sent into a frenzy and the couple became the topic on everyone’s lips. Many Nigerian ladies have even set them as their relationship goals.
Meanwhile, some Nigerians, however, expressed that the relationship which reportedly began five years ago is not a good example for couples.

Despite the fact that Davido kept his relationship with Chioma for 5 years from the public many people are not meant for relationships like this and here are three reasons why.

1) Not everyone can live in the shadow:Someone who likes to show off his/her relationship would not be able to survive for 5 years while your partner openly cheats on you and has babies with different people.

2) No privacy: If you are a private person, dating a celebrity can never work out for you. Everybody would want to know what is going on with you, especially if the person is as popular as Davido.

3) You can never be your own person: If you are someone who wants to become your person and be known for your efforts, it would never work out because your celebrity partner’s fame would always overshadow yours and you would always be an extension of your partner.

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After buying her a $127,000 Porsche car, check out why Davido rejected $170,000 endorsement deal for Chioma

Why Davido and Chioma’s relationship is NOT #goals

Social media has not been at peace ever since singer Davido staged a lavish birthday dinner for his girlfriend, Chioma. NAIJ.com earlier reported that Davido first celebrated Chioma’s birthday in the club before surprising her with a $127K Porsche car at her dinner party. The young lady was indeed shocked on seeing her birthday gift. Still on the matter, Davido took to one of his social media handles to reveal that he rejected a multi-million naira deal for his girlfriend. Davido on Twitter disclosed that he turned down a $170,000 endorsement deal for Chioma and demanded for $282,000 from the agency. His Twitter post read: “Just got an endorsement offer for my baby 60 m I told them bring 100m then she might think about it.”

Goals or Nah?

Why Davido and Chioma’s relationship is NOT #goals

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