Makeup Shayla is a fashion and beauty blogger who has made it big on Instagram. Right Now her Instagram fan base stands at 2.3 M.

You’ll see her campaigning for the likes of hot Miami styles, huda beauty and more.

According to Rich Celebs, Makeup YouTuber and Instagram personality, Makeup Shayla, has an estimated net worth of $225,000.

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My thoughts on MakeupShayla:
I attended Beauty Con NYC this weekend and had a great time! This time around MakeupShayla and Angel Merino were the featured curator’s. Not only did they curate the infamous Beauty Con box, they were also scheduled for meet and greets all day at the event. Angel was also scheduled to moderate a panel discussion, and both were scheduled to announce Beaumoji’s winner’s together on the main

Now let’s back this up a bit. I have obviously heard of MakeupShayla, who hasn’t? I even follow her on Instagram. I don’t pay that much attention to her though. She’s extremely talented, and beautiful but for me personally, she just doesn’t do it. I have never watched any of Shayla’s YouTube videos, or snaps or anything of that nature so I really had no clue what her personality was like. I just so happened to be scrolling through Twitter and saw that someone I follow was watching her live feed on the Periscope app. It was the night before Beauty Con and I was intrigued, so I sat to watch her as she did her makeup before the Artist Couture dinner in NYC. As I sat and watched my honest thoughts were; wow this girl is boring af. This girl is kind of snotty. This girl is full of herself. So needless to say I was not impressed at all.

As I sat through my first panel at Beauty Con I constantly heard the screams of wild fans every single time someone of recognition walked down the stair way, which just so happened to be positioned right next to the main stage. Another round of screaming ignited from the crowd surrounding the stairs, and as I looked up from my seat I saw her, MakeupShayla. Shayla floated down the stairs looking stunning as ever! She was on her way to her meet and greet booth with Angel. Right then and there I thought hey, maybe it would be cool to meet Shayla and Angel, whether I’m a fan of her or not I guess it’s still pretty cool to meet someone of her talent and status. I sat through several more panels, and in between the last two Angel and Shayla came up to announce the winners of the Beaumoji contest. I was taken back by how stunning she is in person, she looks just as fabulous and glamorous as she does in her Instagram pictures. She stood on stage amongst, Angel, ILuvSarahii and 3 of the contestants and her body language seemed a bit cold to me but she seemed nice enough, so she had me won over about 25% of the way. I finished my panels and began walking around checking out the booths and different things. I came across Angel and Shayla’s booth, where they were doing meet and greets and taking selfies with their fans.
Oh boyyyyyyyyyyyy was I surprised. The line was unbelievably long, I don’t think I liked anyone in the entire place enough to wait through that obnoxious line. I hovered around the booth, and just spectated along with a few others who decided to skip the annoying line along with me. This is when Shayla completely lost her shot at winning over yet another fan. I watched closely. Since I was probably the only person within the vicinity who was not a crazed Shayla or Angel fan, I got to see Shayla for who she really is. As an outsider looking in, Shayla’s body language again felt very cold, her attitude screamed I can’t be bothered any longer, and her demeanor fake as f**k. She couldn’t even at the very least pretend to be enjoying herself, while she greeted her fans. I watched as she hugged this one girl with a look of complete and utter detest on her face, either she completely forgot that there were hundreds of people standing right in front of her, or she really just doesn’t care enough to hide her extremely foul facial expressions. The icing on top of the cake, or in beauty terms, the lippie to complete the beat was; a girl in line stepped up for her turn to greet Shayla, Shayla gave her the world’s most half assed hug and proceeded to take a selfie with her. Seems fine right? Wait for it… Shayla, Angel and the girl take a selfie and afterwards the girl looks down at it and from what I could tell was not pleased, as we most are not pleased with our first try. Now, now I get it. There are a billion people in this line waiting and you’re on a time constraint so naturally you’re a bit annoyed that this girl is trying to get the perfect pose, but come on suck it up and just give it one more shot. Shayla oh so obviously reluctant agrees to take another selfie with the girl and as she walks away Shayla not only glares at her with a disgusted, bitchy, look on her face she then proceeds to mumble under her breathe something along the lines of “are you freaking serious” SO BLATANTLY. I was shocked, I could’ve fallen on the floor right there I WAS THAT SHOCKED! I actually think that my jaw literally dropped. Who does that???
May I just take a moment to remind MakeupShayla that without your fans, you’re NO ONE. That girl that you so rudely talked shit under your breathe about, and shot dirty looks to is one of the reasons that you even have a career. Every single person in that line is a reason that you have a freaking career, so just maybe, this might be a wild thought, but maybe you could spend a few hours of your time on one day to cheerfully, and genuinely, greet your fans, and take a few photos with them. The last I checked, that’s probably the easiest job on the planet. MakeupShayla, you had a chance to win over a new fan, you blew it and I’m here to call you out on it. People like you need to be humbled, we all start somewhere, YOU started somewhere, and it’s that girl and those fans who got you somewhere. Your beauty should be more than skin deep…

Makeup Shayla has gathered an impressive following

A stunning force to be reckoned with

Makeup Shayla at the said event

Makeup Shayla at the said event

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