Beautiful Brazilian blogger Camila Coelho’s net worth today is approximately $400,000. Born in 1988, she is married to Icaro Coelho.

Coelho was born in Virginopolis, Minas Gerais, Brazil and moved to Pennsylvania, United States after fourteen years. She was born on 27 February and is now 28 years old. She is a Brazilian citizen and has three other brothers. While growing up, Coelho took immense interest in make-up, beauty products and anything related to fashion and style. Thus she took up a professional course in makeup.

After completing her course in styling and makeup, Coelho started working for Dior and at the same time dressed bridesmaids and brides at home. She was active on social networking sites and a brush through the popular channel Kandee Johnson inspired her to start with her own channel in 2010. She started blogging and posting since 2011 and named it Super Vain. Coelho left her full time job and devoted all her time to her blog. Soon her blog became popular with more and more visitors and online shopping companies started sending their products for testing and then advertising through images and write-ups in her blog. This way she started getting many more advertisements and managed the blog herself with her husband. She soon became a popular make-up artist blogger.

Coelho’s Instagram, Youtube channel and Twitter accounts have over 6.2 million followers. She has been married to Icarus Coelho who has been a constant support and guide to her. They are currently living in Boston. She often models for her blog.

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