Who barbecued Ryan Reynolds?!’ Witty Twitter users mercilessly tease the actor over his VERY orange tan at the Golden Globes

* The 40-year-old was left looking a bit orange next to Emma Stone on stage at the awards ceremony on Sunday
* Twitter users went crazy over the actor’s look, joking that he needed an ‘intervention’ and that he must have asked for ‘the Donald’ at the tanning salon

The stars were certainly shining at last night’s Golden Globe Awards – but none quite as brightly as Ryan Reynolds.
The actor may not have come away from the night with any of the coveted statues – having lost to fellow Canadian Ryan Gosling in the Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy category – but he certainly attracted his fair share of attention after hitting the red carpet looking quite noticeably tanned.

The 40-year-old’s complexion was especially apparent when he appeared on stage alongside porcelain-skinned Emma Stone.

As the pair of movie stars came out to present an award together, social media users were swift to pounce, with one even asking: ‘who barbecued Ryan Reynolds?’
‘I want to know who told Ryan Reynolds it was a good idea to go get a spray tan the day before an awards show,’ joked one user.
Another added: ‘Wait seriously I don’t think Ryan Reynolds did the rinse you’re supposed to do after a fake tan.’
The new look was slightly less noticeable when the Deadpool star appeared on the carpet alongside his stunning wife Blake Lively, who boasted her own golden hue. But once indoors under the bright lights, Ryan’s tint could not have been more obvious.

Many compared Ryan’s look to that of Donald Trump’s perpetual orange-brown tan.
‘Ryan Reynolds went to the spray tan spot and asked for the Donald,’ said one.
The Deadpool star also had social media users remembering a certain episode of sitcom Friends, where Ross Gellar ends up getting a comically terrible spray tan after misunderstanding how the booth worked.
Other users even suggested that the actor was in need of a ‘spray tan intervention.’
Whoever was responsible for Ryan Reynolds’ spray tan will need a new job in the morning,’ said another Twitter user.
But the tan wasn’t the only time that Ryan drew eyes over the course of the evening.
When Ryan lost out to Ryan Gosling for his single nomination of the evening, he was consoled by Andrew Garfield, 33, with a big smooch right on the lips.
The pair gripped each other’s faces in the moment of passion as the La La Land star took to the stage.

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