“There’s a difference between like and love, because I like my
Sketchers, but I love my Prada backpack.”

Twenty years ago, luxury meant having something that was name-brand, and luxury for high-schoolers meant Sketchers. Now, the height of luxury is personalization. Owning name brands is not nearly as powerful as having an individual, curated style. Even better: wearing rare pieces that no one else will have. In 2014, vintage and handmade clothes are much more intriguing than a cluster of recognized brands in the same outfit.

This bespoke handmade Swarovski encrusted eyewear by DS for Slay is as unique as it is incredible!
Don’t follow the crowd let the crowd follow you.

Click here to get DS-16 in black silver or silver blue. Type DS-16 in the search box

DS-16 Silver blue

DS-16 Black silver

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