Buying your dream home is definitely one of the most universal goals in society. There just isn’t anything quite like coming home to all of the comforts and pleasures that your wildest dreams concoct. But what exactly makes a dream home?
After seeing our bucket list for dream homes, you’re probably going to have to start dreaming bigger – way bigger.

Most of these items might be more like “wants” rather than “needs”, but if we’re talking about our dream homes, then they definitely need to be present! Take a look at these amazing items and prepare to start coveting! 

Your bathroom sink can't be substandard

Gold PS4

When a Boat is required to get to your humble abode

Luxury is mosaic

Exclusive wooden bathtub

This is what mansions are made of

LED showers are a must

If you don't have an underground pool you haven't got a dream home

Artistic sinks are a given

There needs to be a black and gold super hero in there

The bedroom should be unique

If your house ain't hanging it ain't dreamy

There needs to be a mountain view

An indoor slide says it all

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