What to expect from Scott Disick’s reality TV show

It won’t be KUWTK, but Scott Disick is getting his own reality TV show on E! — and it sounds like it’ll be very, uh, Scott-centric when it finally hits the air!

Lord Disick spoke with Us Weekly about the concept for the new show, which sounds a little insightful into the business world of his that we never see.

The 35-year-old business mogul revealed some of the plans for the show early, saying (below):

“[The show will depict] my reality of working and buying and selling houses and my real estate and properties, and traveling sometimes.”

Of course, Disick wouldn’t reveal whether Kourtney Kardashian or the pair’s three kids would grace the show much with their presence, if at all, but we can assume that they’ll probably show up here or there at some point, right?

Otherwise, it’s just a show about Scott making real estate deals, and that sounds… boring?

By Perez Hilton


What to expect from Scott Disick’s reality TV show

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