Last weekend, a guy friend said to a large table of people that everything a girl does for her appearance (from wearing make-up to plucking her eyebrows to outfit selection) is solely dependent on males.


Of course, my outspoken self rose up from the table (as I started waving my arms in the most Italian way possible) and tried to debate with him. (I love a good debate)

While he wouldn’t budge on the word everything, he had some fair claims.

Sure if I’m going on a first date, I’ll take a little extra care in my appearance. Who doesn’t want to show their best face in those situations? However, when I leave my house in the morning on a daily basis, I put effort (or lack of effort) based on how I’m feeling.

The new mascara I buy makes me feel fresh, I’m not buying it because I’m going to bat my eyelashes at the guy who sells me a transit token. And if I happen to bat my eyes at him, well so be it. I don’t make decisions everyday based on what I think a man will prefer. It’s been said that men aren’t huge fans of high-waisted pants, UGG boots, boyfriend jeans, gladiator sandals, leggings… but would I stop wearing certain trends because certain men don’t like them? Absolutely not. Well maybe UGGS, but that’s a whole different post.

As “after-school special” as this sounds: the person that will like me (or not make a snide comment) even when I’m sans makeup, big hair and big sweatshirt will be the one I keep around. At the end of the day it all washes off, it all goes back on a hanger and when your head hits that pillow you can’t hide behind, or be seduced solely by glam.

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