I’m in the kinda mood that sets most men on fire.

On our way to the Sonoran Desert, we stopped in Death Valley.
“I don’t know much about the place,” said Justin during the drive, “but I’ve heard that the world’s hottest temperature was recorded there.”
“One hundred thirty-four degrees,” I said, looking it up on my cell, “back in 1913.”
I was looking forward to a good romp that evening, no matter how hot it might be. The hotter the better, actually; that seemed appropriate for my plans. As long as I could get something to eat, take a nice bath, and then fuck Justin until we couldn’t see straight, I’d be fine.
Sunset was still a couple of hours away when we arrived at Stovepipe Wells, inside Death Valley National Park. The sky was a darker shade of blue than I’d ever seen, without a cloud in sight. Jagged mountains, grey-brown and dangerous looking, formed a stark horizon beyond the flat valley floor. The motel faced a bunch of sand dunes in the middle distance, and those were pretty cool. Their tan slopes were the only smooth, gentle shapes to be seen in any direction. As for the rest, well, it was a vast, remote, strange place, beautiful in its own way, and completely different from anywhere I’d ever been.
The thermometer hanging on the wall outside the office said it was ninety-eight degrees, though it didn’t feel quite that hot — which had something to do with the heat being “dry,” the man said when we checked in. I was sweating, though. Overnight it would drop to seventy, the guy said. That was warmer than a typical summer day back in my home town.
And Death Valley’s hottest months were still coming.
The motel was straight out of the 1970s, with kitschy Old West appeal, though it had been updated somewhat in the not-too-distant past. We got a simple, no-frills room. It was clean and surprisingly large, and I liked the feel of it. The bed faced a window that framed an impressive view of the dunes and the distant mountains where the sun would set. The bathroom was cramped, but it was still bigger than mine back home.
We brought our bags in, adjusted the air conditioner (housekeeping had made the room too cold) and headed back out to find the motel’s restaurant. The place made a surprisingly good pizza.
When we got back to the room, I invited Justin to use the shower first while I unpacked my bag. We were going to stay a few days to explore; it was weird and interesting out there.
While he was in the shower, I took the opportunity to get out the two toys I’d brought with me from home, along with my bottle of lube. I was going to turn up the heat tonight, up to something resembling Death Valley extremes. I left the items on the nightstand and got undressed.

The shower stopped and Justin emerged from the bathroom with a smallish white towel wrapped around his lean body. When he saw me lying on the bed wearing nothing but a smile, he grinned and dropped his towel.
“Bathroom’s all yours,” he said.
I slapped his butt as I walked past.
The tub filled slowly. There was a little bottle of shampoo on the counter; I poured half of it into the water and got a decent amount of foamy bubbles going. Then I got in, washed my hair, and finally lay back for a relaxing soak. My boobs made a pair of islands in the sudsy water. I lifted my hips and my pubic hair emerged, looking like a burning bush on a snowy plain.
“Hey,” I called to Justin, who was out of sight in the other room.
“What would you think if I shaved my pussy?”
There was a pause. “If that’s what you want, go for it.”
“Yeah, but what’s your preference?”
“Me? Well… usually I prefer the Brazilian look.”
“You know, completely smooth. But a small landing strip can be sexy, too.”
“I see.”
“In your case,” he went on, “I’d definitely leave a little bit there. Your quim is… Well, I’ve never seen such pretty pubes.”
I smiled. “Will you come in here, please?”
He appeared in the bathroom doorway, still undressed.
I pointed to my razor and shaving cream by the sink. “Take care of it for me?”
His eyebrows shot up. Then he grinned, picked up the items, and turned back to me.
“Sit up here,” he said, patting the tile decking that surrounded the tub.
I rose from the water, soap suds streaming off my body, and sat where he indicated. With a little quiver of anticipation, I opened my knees wide. Justin knelt on the bath mat and filled his palm with shaving cream. Reaching between my thighs, he applied the creamy foam over most of my pubes. His fingers sent shivers of pleasure shooting through me when they brushed lower, across my sensitive area.
He took up the razor and, working carefully, reduced my unruly mound to a tidy little crimson triangle. It pointed south to my labia, where Justin zeroed in next. Taking it slow, he eradicated every last hair down there. Then he sat back and I got into the tub briefly to rinse off.
The job was done. Justin handed me a towel, and as I dried myself, I ran my fingers over the freshly depilated skin. I liked the way it felt — so smooth and sensual.
“If you want,” said Justin, twirling a finger in the tiny patch that remained, “we can use my electric trimmer to mow this short, like a putting green.”
“Later.” I tossed the towel aside and kissed him, making sure he felt the urgency of my desire. Without another word, he squatted on his heels and pressed his mouth to my dewy sex. The feeling was different now, sort of heightened and more intimate. I held my hand to the back of his head and urged him closer. His breath, warm and stimulating, caressed my inner folds. When his tongue delved into me and found my clit, I trembled with a thrill of bliss. He dipped a finger inside me, coating it with my wetness, then withdrew it and slipped it into my anus. I gasped and shuddered anew as I felt his naughty finger wiggle enchantingly in my backside.
“I saw your… devices,” he said. “On the nightstand.”
“Let’s — oh! — let’s go use them.”
He grabbed a bath towel and we raced each other to the bed.
I was glad Justin didn’t say anything about closing the window curtains. The sun was just setting, and the sand dunes looked really cool now, kind of backlit and mysterious. Beyond them, the sharp-edged mountains were bluish-purple against the sky. The sun’s golden rays streamed in low through the tinted glass and gave the room with an otherworldly glow. Justin looked fantastic, lying back in his birthday suit with an erection that wouldn’t quit.
I snatched the chrome butt plug off the nightstand and ran my fingers over its contours. “I have a fantasy,” I said, offering Justin a coy smile. “Would you like to hear it?”
“Absolutely.” He reclined on his elbow and stroked my hip.
“It’s nothing complicated, really, or even that detailed. I fantasize about having a threesome. Or more.”
Justin’s eyebrows rose. “Really.”
“Well, threesomes can be enormously fun.”
“What, you’ve done it?”
He nodded. “A few times.”
“Holy crap!” I cried. “With two women, or…?”
“Twice, yes. And once with a mate and his girl.”
“Oh, that’s so cool!” I took hold of his cock, imagining the possibilities.
“What sort of combination do you envision in your fantasy?” he asked.
“Well, it could be a guy or a girl with us. Doesn’t really matter, either way would be… Oh my god, just talking about it is making me so hot.”
Justin was thoroughly worked up, too; I felt a drop of pre-come at the eye of his dick. I grabbed the lube and greased up the plug. “For tonight, at least, this can stand in for our third partner,” I declared. In another moment, working with a well-practiced touch, I had the toy stuffed into my bottom. It was medium-sized and not too aggressive, just big enough to make me feel nicely full back there. I sighed with pleasure.
Justin’s eyes never left mine. They burned with desire.
“Now fuck me,” I demanded, turning onto my hands and knees so he could do me doggie-style. I knew he was staring at the flared base of the toy sticking out of my ass. My whole body hummed with excitement.
Justin knelt behind me, grabbed my hips, and eased into me. As his whole length slid inside, his groin pushed against the butt plug, planting it deeper. I could feel them both in there, the heavy chrome toy just an inch above Justin’s throbbing cock, each in its own channel. When Justin withdrew part-way, I rocked backward at him, a slave to my need, compelling his cock back into my core.
“That’s it,” I said, my voice thick with emotion. “Fuck, fuck, fuck…”
We moved in unison, and our pace gradually increased until Justin was pumping arduously into me, making the bedsprings squeak. Our bodies grew slick with sweat. With each of his thrusts, my clit sparked and the plug shimmied in my ass. It was sensational.
Yet I knew it could be even better.
It was time to lose my anal virginity. Not to a toy, but to a man.
“Justin,” I rasped, “I want you in there.”
He disengaged from me and gently tugged the toy out of my rear end. I waited impatiently, fingering my clit while he got busy with the lube. He slathered the slippery stuff on his cock, then dried his hands on the towel. When I glanced back he was sitting on his heels with his legs folded beneath him and his knees apart. His cock stood straight out, waiting for me.
“Just back up on me,” he said. “Sit against my lap and lean forward on your hands a little. You’ll be in control.”
I saw what he meant and scooted backward to sit, frog-like, between his knees. My ass was up against his groin and I felt the length of his hard-on nestling in my crack. I rocked forward a bit so he could aim himself properly, and when I eased backward again, I felt the pressure of his dick pushing against my tight hole. I turned to look back at Justin and our eyes locked. His penis popped through my anal ring and felt bigger than the toy I’d just been using. I was suddenly unsure of myself. Justin stopped for a moment, letting me acclimate.
“Oh my,” I said, with a stammer and a grunt. “That’s…” It was already changing. “Oh fuck that’s good.”
Justin hooked his hands on the curves of my hips but he let me take charge, just as he’d said. I pushed back at him again, taking it slow, taking inch after inch of his cock inside me. Twice I paused, letting the unusual sensations blossom into a divine feeling of fullness. My confidence soared, and before long I had all of his thick, throbbing tool inside me.
I rocked forward, sank back, rocked forward again and sank back harder, an anal virgin no longer. Already I was regretting the time I’d taken to get here, because it was fabulous. I’m talking over-the-moon, out-of-this-world, mega-magnificent! Justin stroked my back and my butt cheeks but otherwise held still as I fucked him, my pace gradually increasing until my ass was smacking hard against his hips. He groaned with pleasure and his cock seemed to swell even more within my back channel. My back arched and I sat straighter in Justin’s lap, which altered the angle of penetration a little. The results were incredible. He was deeper than ever now, and we shifted into high gear. Justin’s hands went around me to cup my heaving breasts and I bounced against his root like a woman possessed.
“I’m going to come,” I shrieked. “I’m coming!”
The orgasm made me swoon. I folded forward, breasts to knees; my face touched the bedsheets. Justin’s hands stroked my flanks as my anus squeezed him.
“Oh my fucking — “ Again I tightened up back there, then relaxed, and was nearly overcome. I finally managed to whisper, “Keep going, Justin. Fuck me. I want to feel you come in my ass. It’s so good, I had no idea…”
I really hadn’t! I mean, I thought it would be similar to the toys I’d used, but the real thing was better. The trust involved, the intimacy, the pure tactile thrill — it was all different from my solo anal experiences.
Justin rolled me onto my side and lay behind me, spoon-fashion. An instant later he entered me again, delving deep. I could feel my asshole accepting him with a tight yet pliant grip. He wrapped his arms around me and began to thrust, filling me all the way.

“Come inside me,” I urged him again as I pushed my hips back at him. “Let me feel your hot come spurting in there.”
He grunted, held me tighter, and began to pump against my rear end without restraint. As we undulated against one another, my glance fell on the other toy I’d set on the nightstand, a purple vibrator. It was just within my reach, ready for use. Justin see-sawed in and out of my bottom while I activated the vibrator and held it between my legs. This was nirvana. The strong vibes of the toy on my clit, combined with the deeper pleasure of Justin’s cock filling my ass, were more than enough to push me over the edge again. Justin’s hands squeezed my shoulders and his hips jacked smartly against my butt as he erupted deep behind my back door. It was an amazing feeling and I never wanted it to end…


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








I’m in the kinda mood that sets most men on fire.

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