Experience All the benefits of a personal jet without having to bear any of the responsibility that comes with actually owning an aircraft. Flight solutions designed for corporations, high-net-worth individuals, and entrepreneurs who need to fly regularly with guaranteed availability at a fixed price per hour.

No capital investment
Unlike other business models that require you to purchase a fraction of an aircraft, VistaJet own all their jets. This simple approach means no capital outlay and no risk of depreciating assets.

Bombardier global and challenger business jets

Thanks to a close relationship with Bombardier Aerospace, VistaJet exclusively use Bombardier private jets. The VistaJet fleet is formed of large cabin Challenger Jets and exceptionally long range Global Jets. With an ever growing fleet, VistaJet is the only truly Global business jet company. The average age of the VistaJet fleet is under 2 years.

All aircraft under bombardier warranty

VistaJet adheres to the most rigorous safety standards in the world and surpasses the most demanding benchmarks set by multinational blue chip customer audits. To complement our safety initiatives we only fly our Aircraft under Bombardier Warranty.

Consistent branded aircraft, with the highest quality fit and finish

Spacious stand up cabins feature understated elegant furnishings, dark wood, fine Italian leather and sophisticated elements to create a home away from home environment. For corporate leaders, it is business as usual as all cabins are equipped with the most advanced and reliable office options that executives enjoy on the ground, perfect to maximize en-route productivity.

Guaranteed access with as little as 24 hours notice

Program customers benefit from guaranteed availability to their chosen Aircraft type 365 days a year. Advantages over owning your own Aircraft include no downtime for crew rest or maintenance.

Largest service area in business aviation

VistaJet have the largest service area in business aviation encompassing Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific, United States and West Africa. When flying within the VistaJet service area you will not be charged for the positioning of the Aircraft.

Fully forecastable and transparent pricing

The VistaJet Program is a fully managed solution with a simple contract and no hidden costs. This allows the ability to forecast all expenditure efficiently.

All-in cost per hour

Fixed and predictable hourly rate with no positioning fees within our service area. Simply pay for the hours you fly.

Interchange program

The interchange program gives Program customers access to the entire fleet, whether you need a Challenger 350 for a short-hop from London to Geneva or a long range Global from Beijing to Los Angeles. The right aircraft is simply a phone call away.

World-class service delivered 24 / 7 / 365

The Member Service team is available 24/7 based in offices across the globe to take care of every aspect of your flight.

World-class additional protection
Liability coverage above mandatory limits and industry average – minimum $300m regardless of the aircraft type.

Co-insuring your corporation
Your corporation may be co-insured upon request – at no additional cost. VistaJet are placed with A-rated leading insurers.

Visa waiver program
VistaJet participates in the United States Department of Homeland Security’s Visa Waiver Program. Under the Visa Waiver Program nationals of certain countries are eligible to travel to the United States for tourism or business for stays of 90 days or less without obtaining a visa.

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