Thinking outside the box of chocolates some thinking more heavenly yet with a hint of naughty….hmmm!

When you fuck your wife three times a day every day of the year, how do you make Valentine’s Day special? Simple: you take the day off from fucking.

That seems weird, right? If anything, you’d think we should fuck even more on that day, not less. It’ll all make sense when I explain what I mean by taking the day off. See, all I mean by “not fucking” is that there is no direct contact.

No dicks in holes. No mouths on genitals. No hand-to-skin. No feet-to-skin. Not even on ourselves.

We can incorporate objects from around the house, but they can’t be actual sex toys, and there still can’t be actual penetration.

No dildos, no fleshlights, no cucumbers in the pussy, no dick between the couch cushions.

Every year, we come up with new ways to surprise each other, and then take turns getting each other off.

This year, I’m up first. I lead Jill blindfolded into the bathroom, which I have lit with candles for atmosphere. We embrace for a long passionate kiss, then I remove the blindfold. This will be the last bit of physical contact until we’ve both orgasmed.

But that kiss goes a long way. I even have a half-chub, and I will only get harder as I play with her.

“What’s this?” she asks, peering into the tub.

Perhaps she was expecting a bubble bath to have been drawn — warm sudsy water to soak in and get her motor running. But it is filled only with rose petals, and aside from being decorative, they’re meant to be a distraction.

She doesn’t even notice the new showerhead until she slips out of her sheer black lingerie and lies down on the rose pedals.

Her face lights up. “Is that what I think it is?”

“The AquaDance Oil-rubbed Premium High-Pressure Three-way Combo with an extra-long 72-inch hose? It sure is.”

You’d think we would have had something like this already, but with all the actual sex we have, neither of us is a regular masturbator. A standard showerhead has always served our purposes just fine. However, the creepy AI Amazon Prime marketing bots have been suggesting this to us for months, and well, I finally succumbed.

The good news is, if we’re not 100% satisfied with the product, we can return it without packaging to our closest Whole Foods or UPS store for a full refund. For us, “satisfaction” will be measured by how hard it makes Jill cum.

“Are you ready?” I ask.

She nods as she provocatively sucks on her finger. Technically, this is against the rules, but sucking one’s own finger doesn’t provide real stimulation, so I allow it.

The water initially comes out cold from the spout, and Jill tenses up as it flows underneath her. She lifts her hips high in the air to minimize contact with the chilly surface, giving me a prime view of her beautiful snatch.

She sees me looking at it, and lets her hand wander across her porcelain belly towards her pussy, stopping just short of the target. She eyes the bulge growing under my red satin trunks and sighs.

Once the water is warm, I set the dial to “rain mist” and aim the hand-held device at her cunt. It’s a gentle blast meant to get her juices flowing. Her pussy lips reach out for it like thirsty rose petals during a summer drizzle.

As she writhes and moans, one of her hands sneaks up to one of her perky little tits. When her elegant fingers reach her nipple, I stop the stream.

“Now, now. No touching.”

She smiles guiltily as a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

“Sorry,” she says. “Force of habit.”

She likes to play with her own nipples whenever both of my hands are occupied fingering her pussy and her asshole at the same time. I occasionally like to throw that in there when she’s sitting on my face.

“Please spray my tits for a while,” she begs.

I angle the nozzle until it’s on her breasts. Her back arches, but I know she wants more. She really likes to squeeze those nipples until they turn purple.


I turn the dial to “pulsating massage.” Her face relaxes as though I’ve just scratched an itch she couldn’t reach. Her nipples harden into little red push-pins and her areolae are flush with goosebumps.

But now, her fingers are sneaking back towards her pussy.

I stop the stream again. “Don’t even think about it.”

“Then hit my pussy again. Please!”

I aim the stream at her pussy and the complex rhythm of the pulsing water works its magic. She begins to buck her hips as though she’s fucking a ghost. Her hand roams the tub, looking for something to do. She eventually grabs one fist in the other to keep them out of trouble.

But it won’t be long now. Her orgasm is coming. She’s bouncing up and down, gasping for air as though she’s completely submerged. The rose petals are beginning to clog the drain, so the water level is rising.

“Fuck me harder!” she shouts.

I turn the dial all the way to “power rain,” which concentrates the streams into a single stream strong enough to put a hole in an empty beer can. Jill’s pussy absorbs the blast like Wonder Woman’s bullet-proof gauntlets.

Her body starts to quake, but not from the external force. This blast is coming from inside her pussy.

“Harder!” she cries. “I’m cumming!”

But that’s as high as the dial goes.

I drop to my knees and bring the wand within six inches of her pussy. The blast from this distance would knock The Lone Ranger off his horse, yet Jill stretches up towards the wand, her mighty glutes engaged, her heels coming off the bottom of the tub so she’s on her tiptoes.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

By the time her tremors subside, I’m almost as wet as she is. And my dick is as hard as a rock. She looks at my bulge longingly, then picks up the body brush from the side of the tub and gropes me with it.

“Do you think I could make you cum with this?” she asks.

“You could make me cum with just your smile.”

She smiles and bites her lip. “That’s sweet, but what fun would that be? I want to make you beg for it.”

The truth is those harsh bristles would not be pleasant on my bare skin. Besides, I want to see what she has planned.

As I watch her towel off, I have to gnaw on my hand to stop myself from jerking off. The soft microfiber fabric gliding over her shiny flesh. Her glorious ass flexing as she bends over to dry her toes. Her tits jiggling as she shakes excess water from her dark mane.

Once she’s dry, she leads me blindfolded into our bedroom.

More candles. Incense. No rose petals, though, except for the ones that are still stuck to her ass.

I look around the room for clues as to what I’m in for, but it appears as it did just hours ago when I was last in here.

“Take off your trunks and lay down on the bed.”

I obey.

She opens the top drawer of our dresser and pulls out a 12-inch-long feather. As she slowly approaches, she strokes it against her cheek.

“I found this in the backyard the other day,” she says. “It’s from a goose, I think.”

“Is it… clean?”

“I’m sure you’ll be fine. Didn’t you say you used to fuck geese back in high school?”

I laugh. “No. You must be thinking of your ex-boyfriend.”

She tickles my foot, and I jump.

“Try to be still,” she says with a naughty grin.

She sits down on the bed and leans in close to my dick. I so desperately want her to take me into her mouth. Instead, she caresses me gently and stares at my cock like a jeweler appraising a priceless diamond.

She runs the feather over the inside of my ankle, then up my inner thigh. My cock gets hot in anticipation, but when she reaches it, she dances around my balls and moves to my stomach. She circles my navel, then my nipples before floating over my collarbone and neck.

It tickles, and I shudder.

Watching her cum in the tub has already gotten me more than ramped up. I’m not sure how much teasing I can endure.

She inches her way back down my body until she gets to my cock. This time, she doesn’t skip it.

“How does that feel?” she whispers as she glides the soft fibers along my throbbing shaft. “Does it remind you of my fingers? Of my tongue?”

I can’t help but imagine her sucking me hard, taking me deep into her throat, and then massaging my balls until I explode in her mouth.

“It feels amazing.”

“Good,” she says. “Now, are you going to cum for me? Give me a big Valentine’s Day load?”

“Keep going,” I say. “I’m almost there.”

She brings her mouth just an inch above my cock, sticks out a curled tongue, and lets a dollop of saliva drip onto the head of my cock. Then she blows hot breath on my tip as she massages my frenulum with the end of the feather.

It’s all I can stand.

I grab ahold of the bedspread and flex every muscle in my body.

“That’s it, cum for me! Cum for me!”

She moves in front of me just in time to catch my load in her mouth. I pump so much cum into her mouth that some of it trickles out of the corners and runs between her tits.

She scoops it up with her fingers and licks them clean. “I’ll take your hot salty cream over heart-shaped chocolates any day.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day, babe,” I say as she collapses into my arms.

While we both had a blast, we look forward to tomorrow. The best part of fasting is that first meal afterwards. I can’t wait to be inside her again.


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








Thinking outside the box of chocolates some thinking more heavenly yet with a hint of naughty….hmmm!

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