When I’m on vacation I love to swing!

My face hardened as I looked down my gleaming stomach to my mound, aware of that thickness beginning to fill me

John and I had always had an unconventional marriage.
We’d been swingers for a little while, and found that enjoyable enough. But it soon became apparent that my husband’s greatest desire was watching his wife get fucked.
The look on his face as I allowed other men to pleasure me was priceless.
And my own thrill at seeing his excitement was also magnified.
It was why I was sitting on a bar stool in the sultry warmth of our open-plan beach house, naked save for a pair of stilettos and black stockings, my skin oiled, my pulse ticking hectically.
John said, “Don’t worry, darling,” swirling his whisky, the ice tinkling in the glass, “you look incredible.”
He was right.
At just two months shy of my thirtieth birthday, my body was lithe, taut and tan.
I had a plump ass.
Rock-hard tits.
And long, shapely legs.
But that wasn’t why I was chewing my bottom lip anxiously as I waited.
Rather, it was because of the talent John had secured for the early evening’s entertainment.
A man who promised to be my greatest challenge yet.
His name was David.
John had met him at the country club he frequented.
They got to speaking and the agreement had been made.
And when John had come home to tell me, I knew he was more enthusiastic about this arrangement than any other.
“He’s six-four, with a body like carved granite, and fucks like a train…”
“And how could you possibly know that?”
“Because I’ve talked with a waitress at the club who had a brief affair with him. She said she couldn’t walk for a week.”
“She was probably exaggerating, John.”
“I don’t think so…” John smiled. “I’ve seen him in the changing rooms, Mary.”
And his smiled broadened.
Not that size correlated to performance, obviously.
Even so, I couldn’t help but be intrigued.
And when David finally entered the room that evening, his body also oiled and glistening in the warmth, my body immediately stiffened.
“Fuck…” I murmured under my breath.
“What did I tell you?” John said softly, sidling up beside me, before kissing me on my shoulder as David approached.
Inevitably my eyes drifted down to his already semi-hard cock swaying slightly as he moved.
Everything John had said was true so far, then.
David was more or less an Adonis: his body sculpted to perfection; his cock as thick as my wrist.
John loved to watch me get fucked by big boys.
And I loved to give my husband everything he needed.
As well as saving some of the pleasure for myself.
Still, David was probably the biggest man I’d ever seen, and my pussy tightened just looking at his length.
David came to stand before me, his eyes crawling over my body.
I could tell he was as impressed with me as I was with him, because his cock twitched and began to harden as his attention lingered on my breasts, then slipped down to my neatly trimmed bush.
I ran my tongue over my bottom lip, and eased my legs apart a few inches to give him a better view.
Not least because I wanted him to see how wet I was — and I was already very wet.
“You want a drink, David?” my husband asked.
But David shook his head. His eyes hadn’t left my body. “Maybe later,” came his deep, confident voice, and he eased himself closer until he was almost bumping up against my knees, looking down on me.
“How do you want me?” I asked, my voice uncharacteristically faint.
“Don’t move,” David instructed and I felt an electric charge skitter through my body as he put his hands on my thighs, and gently parted my legs a few inches more.
When he lowered himself between them, I glanced to John and gave him a yearning look of bliss.
John smiled, his eyes almost feverish with arousal as they dropped to where David’s hand slid down and inside my legs, his thumbs parting my labia.
My stomach flexed.
David ducked forward and put his mouth on my pussy.
Then he began to suck on my cunt with all the relish of a man savoring an expensive meal.
“Oh…shit!” I gasped, clenching my buttocks on the padded leather seat, leaning back against John as he moved behind me.
He’d put his drink down now and was looking over my shoulder, watching this stranger grasp hold of his wife’s ankles and crane her legs wider so that he could more easily feed on her pussy.
I swore again.
David nuzzled and slurped.
Soon his tongue found my already stiffened clit which he lapped and smooched.
The result was a strangled cry.
And a murmur of encouragement from my husband close to my ear: “You like it, honey?” John reached his hands around me, sliding them down onto my oiled breasts. “You like it when he eats you out?”
“Fuck, yes!” I croaked, knowing that this sort of treatment was going to easily make me orgasm.
My ass bunched and my pussy winked.
David continued enthusiastically with his tongue, probing inside me, before taking a couple of his fingers and inserting them at the same time.
They were thick and deep. I arched my back and puckered my eyes.
“Dear Jesus…”
John pinched my nipples, already swollen to points.
“I can’t wait to see him fuck you, honey,” he told me. “Stretch you out with that big fucking cock.”
“And…I…I can’t wait to get fucked, baby,” I replied.
And looked up at my husband with pining eyes as my climax overwhelmed me.
It hadn’t taken long for me to cum.
The anticipation of the evening had primed me to the point of fidgety readiness.
John also made sure I was ready for the best sex possible by applying the oil to my body with sensual and intimate fastidiousness, his fingers lingering around my pussy and tits, his lips often on mine.

Yet, it had to be said, it also helped that David knew exactly what he was doing.
And before too long, I was shuddering as I balanced on the barstool, knowing that I was leaking as David mouthed and finger-fucked me at the same time; my excitement dripping out of me and over the seat, as I cried out.
“That was fucking…amazing…” I managed in a strangled voice when my orgasm eventually ran through me. “You made me cum so hard…”
But as David climbed to his feet, and offered me his fingers to lick clean, I knew the best was yet to come.
My husband made a small sound of approval, his fingers sliding from my breasts when David put his hands on my waist.
I licked my lips, savoring the taste of my orgasm, but also aware that David had now swollen to full hardness.
And I found myself drawing in a deep breath despite knowing that I was in for a rough ride.
Yes, he was big.
Much bigger than I could’ve imagined as he dropped forward to kiss me.
He tasted sweet and fresh.
It was also incredibly hot to have another man’s tongue in my mouth while my husband’s hands were on my shoulders, the feeling of his hard cock poking me in my back.
I put my hands on David’s arms and felt his huge muscles spasm.
God, I wanted him inside me!
And, as if hearing my silent need, our lips parted and David put his fingers around his huge length.
Like the rest of him, his dick was shining with the oil we had provided.
It was hoped it might provide that little bit of lubrication, and coupled with his treatment of my pussy, I was tense but not entirely frightened.
However, when he swept that huge, thick, pink head through the delicate folds of my labia, and nestled it against my entrance, my heart was soon jack-hammering again, and I found myself swallowing dryly.
“You ready?” David asked.
“Yes,” I replied softly.

“Fuck her,” my husband whispered.
And slowly David began to inch himself inside me.
I crushed myself up against my husband as my pussy did its best to expand to take David’s cock, his glans gradually breaching my opening with small, insistent nudges.
I found I was holding my breath.
My face hardened as I looked down my gleaming stomach to my mound, aware of that thickness beginning to fill me.
While at the same time, John’s fingers crept around my throat, tilting my chin up toward him.
“Is he big?” he murmured.
I gritted my teeth. David was deeper now, slowly stroking into me — almost, somehow, halfway.
I nodded. “So big.”
“Good girl,” John’s thumb grazed my jawline.
Then he leaned in and kissed me just as David began to work his hips, and his gentle thrusts became a deeper, more aggressive pounding.
The stool creaked.
John put a hand on my right breast again and squeezed. His tongue filled my mouth, just as David gripped my waist and fucked me harder.
“Oh….shiii-iiit…” the words shivered out of me against my husband’s lips.
My ass trembled on the stool. I felt my juices run into my crack.
David’s oiled body slapped wetly against mine.
“Is he fucking you good?” John hissed.
He was pawing at my breasts.
I answered with: “Fuck! Oh…God!”
It was enough. David was so fucking deep inside me, and so fucking hard, my climax was assured.
Especially when he began to growl, and lengthened his strokes, butting up against resistance inside me.
His cock was laced with my cream.
I ripped my lips from John’s mouth and dropped my head back against his shoulder.
I wailed.
I cursed.
I told David I was cumming again.
He didn’t let up.
He impaled me until my orgasm was on me, and he forced himself into me to the hilt.
I never thought I could take all of him.
But it was just what I needed to push me over the edge.
I came on his cock for a second time as I whispered how much I loved it; how much of a slut I was for him; how I’d never been fucked so good.
Most husbands would’ve been devastated.
Not John.
Instead, this only served to elevate his excitement and I could hear him unzipping himself behind me, knowing that his pants were falling to the floor, his cock unleashed.

I rode out my climax, spasming on the end of David’s huge, probing girth.
Then he was pulling himself free and dragging me off the stool.
I was turned around.
I was bent over the stool.
John heaved his top over his head, and I was confronted with his iron-hard stiffness as he snarled his fingers in my hair.
David eased up behind me.
His own dick slapped up against my mound.
I knew what was going to happen next, and my whole body was thrilling with desire.
John pushed my mouth onto his length.
I engulfed his cock with hungry lips.
At the same time, David was squeezing himself into me from behind, his hands smacking onto my ripe ass.
I made a muffled groan in the back of my throat.
John began to swing his hips.
So did David.
Soon my ass was jarred with aggressive, drilling thrusts.
David snarled.
I made a raw noise as my husband gripped my hair with both hands and face-fucked me.
And I clung to the edges of the barstool in the heat of the evening, my body slick with sweat, tits sticking to the leather, allowing myself to be used by these two powerful men until their cocks began to harden inside me.
I suppose it was inevitable that John succumbed first.
Our whole week had been building to this moment.
Every day teasing and playing with each other: touching and kissing; John tantalizing me with promises of how the evening might go.
In turn, his excitement must’ve been building too.
And with my lips wrapped around his cock, the sound of another man’s body striking my ass from behind; the knowledge I was being filled by another man’s cock was clearly too much.
John looked ceilingward.
His fingers screwed in my hair and he let out a shout.
Then I felt a sudden bloom of velvety warmth explode in my mouth, followed by powerful jets of silkiness.
I gagged and choked.
I ejected a web of cum from my lips.

John wheezed and dragged himself free, more semen sliding out of my mouth.
Then he was jerking himself: pumping the last fat ribbons of cum over his wife’s face; marking me as his own even though behind me, David plunged himself inside me for one last thrust, before crying out and digging his fingers into my ass.
When David came too, I felt a flood of warmth inside me as his cock spasmed and bucked.
I could only imagine how much there was draining from those big balls of his: a torrent of thick, delicious, fertile cream that pumped into my deepest recesses.
It was enough to make me cum again, my lips dripping and face crawling with my husband’s efforts as I gave a throaty wail, clinging to the barstool as my orgasm washed over me.
Then David, still hard, sprang from my pussy and as his cum ran down the insides of my legs he pumped more over my bare ass until he was spent.
By the time it was over, we were all breathing hard.
David helped me up from the stool, and I licked my sticky lips, aware of more cum sliding down my ass.
My husband looked at me with glowing admiration.
“You look so fucking sexy,” he said, his hand still on his cock. He hadn’t flagged.
“Good,” I sighed. “Because the evening is young, boys, and I need you both to help me take a shower…”
And with a grin, I headed for the stairs, partly sorry I was going to wash all the lovely warm cum off my skin.


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








When I’m on vacation I love to swing!

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