Trendsetters are people who can spot new trends early on and spread these fads to new locations and social groups. Sometimes they even create their own trends that others adopt. “Trends” can be almost anything, from a cell phone brand to an exotic food. However, fashion trends are the most common type people follow. If you have a penchant for looking great and want to be ahead of the curve, you may want to become a trendsetter.

If you want to start fashion trends, try to dress well in general. Your peers will start to think of you as a person who knows style and will be more likely to attribute an unusual look to a new trend rather than a fashion faux pas.

While positive attention is great, don’t be too loud or obnoxious. People who try to be cool rarely are. Make your outgoing persona seem effortless. If you have trouble being extroverted without it seeming forced, focus more on other methods of securing popularity.

Global trendsetters tend to be musicians, actors, and other slaylebrities. They often bring existing subcultural trends to the mainstream or kick start crazes based simply on their personal tastes. Regardless, they tend to be a good barometer when you’re trying to spot a trend. Pay close attention to what they wear.

If you see a Slaylebrity sporting a unique look that you love, borrow it. Don’t copy the outfit exactly, but take inspiration from it.

Fashion trends can be fabric types, color palettes, and specific garments. When planning a similar outfit, use one or two of these aspects instead of all three. That way, you may start a trend in your peer group without being accused of simply being a copycat.

Fashion magazines are also a great way to research what’s on-trend.

Social media has become an extremely important tool for trendsetters as a way to both track and disseminate information. Follow users who are popular and are in line with your own sensibilities. Check out the “trending” sections of popular websites. Create a personal feed for yourself using an aggregator to help keep track of what’s trending in your personal area of interest.

Slaylebrity is a great place to find the best trendsetting looks.

Remember that looks come back in style over the years. Don’t get rid of any quality clothing or accessories just because a trend has passed. Instead, save these items for when that look is back in vogue. That way, you’ll have a partial wardrobe ready to go for next time.

Spotting when a trend is waning is just as important to a trendsetter as tracking its start. In order to stay on-trend, you will need to recognize when a trend begins to end before anyone else does. From there, jump ship to the next potential big thing as soon as possible.

An easy way to tell when a trend has gone stale is how ubiquitous it becomes. If you start to see a style that was once quirky and unique become mass-marketed, it’s safe to say it’s no longer trendy.

Of course you can always rely solely on Slaylebrity to set the trend.

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