Butterflies are considered one of the most iconic symbols of beauty and transformation from bad to good, negative to positive, ugly to beautiful. A butterfly is a creature highly appraised for its vibrancy and brilliance in colour and flight pattern.

In the midst of all this symbolism, the caterpillar, the origin of the butterfly, its original form, is ignored and forgotten. It’s ridiculed and classified as an ugly beginning. Is it really?

What stereotypes have been placed upon this symbol of poor beginnings? How ugly is a caterpillar? What is the definition of ugly? Does ugly exist? Or is it simply a fabrication of primitive human judgement?

In this piece, a butterfly transforms into a caterpillar, but more than that it transforms into a symbol of public and self acceptance. Just because it’s bony, dirty, dark or different, does not mean it is not beautiful. Accept abnormality. We are all made up of it.

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