At the very tender and young years, Samer khouzami felt a deep unknowing passion for artistry. He had an innate sense, which only few are gifted with, towards visualizing effortless beauty and class.
Being raised by his beauty icon, his mother, Samer understood what timeless beauty means and embarked on a passionate journey to become the artist that could give every woman that beauty. From a young age, he noticed the effect a beautiful woman had entering a room and wanted to understand her secret weapon.
He began his voyage by graduating with a degree in graphic design in the hopes of gaining practice, experience and technicality in the world of design. Soon enough, with great persistence and determination he embarked into the world of make-up. He believed that every woman wants to feel beautiful, powerful and sexy and that make-up is a great way to achieve this. Thus, he used the incredible transformative power of make-up on a daily basis to make women around the world feel and look as beautiful as they can be. Samer’s forte from the age of 6 was detail. An eye from what is and how it could be. That led to him being a master in contouring and transformations by just using his brushes and talent.
Moreover, Samer has become an accomplished and creative makeup artist with experience in all aspects of media makeup: fashion, video and print.
Sought after by celebrities, magazine editors and a wide bas of clientele, Samer dared to venture into a unique business endeavor.
He launched his workshop tours globally. From the United States to Australia and everything in between, Samer aims to spread his knowledge and expertise in the beauty industry unto those seeking it. With sold out seats and year- round full bookings, Samer has established himself as a leading renowned make-up artist. Furthermore, Samer has become a phenomenon on Social Media with an incredible and devoted following from his fans around the world. With over a million followers, Samer is the leading the way in the online community.
After his first success opening his salon in Lebanon located in Beirut, Samer is now thrilled to pour all of his secrets and passion into his own range, professional brushes by Samer Khouzami.
After falling in love with the way women would look in the mirror and smile at their transformation, Samer can only set his sights at greater achievements. He will continue to be the best he can be in order to help women draw out the best version of themselves.

SK institute

The Samer Khouzami Institute was established in Lebanon in 2011 and caters to the fashion elite a wide range of beauty services. From make-up to hair care and spa services, the Samer Khouzami Institute is the “point-de-repaire” for every woman seeking to become the best that she can be.

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