The looks from the Met Gala red carpet are the perfect bait for hilarious tweets and memes. Scroll down to see the internet’s best jokes.

By Harper’s Bazaar

My inner monologue: "remember not everything is about you"

Did we really need another reboot of Annie

Source: By @ira

The original movie vs the straight to vhs sequel

Source: By @marksnetiker

When you finally emerge from your existential crisis

Source: By @thefader

Y'all couldn't wait

Source: By @bonganeray

Why do silent, good monsieurs?

Did you think that I left you for good? Have you missed me good monsieurs? I have written you an opera

Source: By @ditzkoff

Who did this?

Source: By @girlposts

I was getting tired so I laid down on the stairs

Source: By @diddy

The dark crystal reboot is looking dope AF

Source: By @tuckclarry

You might want to mute me for the next three hours

Source: By @marksnetiker

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