These items by the Slay Network are truly unique. And is sure to impress.

For men click hereI’m to purchase Onibisi for Slay

For women click here to purchase Conspiracy for Slay in seraph

For handbags click here to purchase Casata for Slay in Araba coffee and yellow

Casata for Slay in Araba

Cassata for Slay in Araba Coffee and yellow. Prime Italian leather bucket bag, bespoke handbag for luxury women. Comes with matching leather wallet. Available now at Slay my look

Conspiracy for Slay in Seraph

The perfect shoes for Valentine's Day. Each Slay my shoes couture is specially crafted just for you. We want to make the Slay experience as special as possible. Details- feather heel, aluminum 6082 insole, palladium coating, titanium screws. Sizes 36-41. Contact us with your size after purchase. Available now at Slay my shoes couture

Onimisi for Slay in look 01-05

Bespoke Handmade 100% premium leather shoes for men available now at Slay my shoes couture Size 7-12. Comes with matching leather belt. Email size upon purchase to

Another of this gorgeous bucket bag

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