When you’re President of the United States, there’s no such thing as a real vacation. So, now that Barack Obama is out of office, he’s taking his first real vacation in eight years. And how is he spending it? Spending time with his family and playing golf (one of the former POTUS’ favorite hobbies), naturally.
TMZ reports that Obama hit the links at billionaire Larry Ellison’s private course at Porcupine Creek Ranch in Rancho Mirage on Saturday.

By Harper’s Bazaar

Obama takes a much needed break

Wow looks like he's got a good swing

Looking handsome

Looking rested already

Jack of all trades

But oh no, he's one of those who never leave things behind

don't expect Obama to take that much time off. Immediately after leaving office, he tweeted (from his old account) that he and Michelle are already prepping to get back to work

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