This device consists of a round plastic mouthpiece with plastic paddle wings on either side. In order to use it, you simply hold the device firmly in your mouth and bob your head up and down to swing the paddles.

Performing this exercise for 30 seconds, twice a day, can significantly tone up facial muscles, making a person look much younger. See demonstration of its correct use in the two-minute video.

Just because major facial sagging is attributed to aging, is accepting it your only option?” . The technique works to firm up facial muscles, no matter how old you are.

The key to a youthful face is muscle tone!Facial muscle training tightens the skin, restoring youthful expressions that brim with confidence. This unique training method was developed to efficiently apply load to the muscles around the mouth.

Major benefits include: firming up smile lines, firming the facial contour and turning up the corners of the mouth. The product works on five main facial muscles – the lesser zygomatic, the greater zygomatic, the cheek, the risorius and the orbicularis oris.

The Product works by providing ‘maximum and concentrated load’, ‘left and right equilibrium movement’, and ‘continuous enjoyment’. The mouthpiece has a wave shape and is oval to equally distribute the load. There’s also a stopper installed in the mouthpiece, which prevents it from falling out during the exercise. The balance weights are interchangeable, allowing for three different variations – 18g, 23g and 28g.

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Hot concierge tip:

Use this with the skin combo pack for best results

Years wrinkle the skin, giving up wrinkles the soul

How to use the device correctly

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