Do you feel like you’ve ever had an object or number follow you throughout your life? For Beyoncé, she’s made no secret that the number 4 has a special significance. And this year she changed up the matching wedding tattoo that she and Jay-Z got to commemorate their special day.

Eagle-eyed members of Beyhive noticed that she’s added some tiny, but totally consequential line work to her tattoo, People reports. When the couple first their tattoos, they got the Roman numeral for 4, or IV, on their ring fingers instead of traditional wedding bands. In the photo below, her tattoo is clearly visible.

A few months ago, she posted one of her outfit music videos to Instagram, where she shows off a ring and her freshly-altered too. This is what the tattoo looks now:

Okay, hold up. Not only does it not look like the Roman number 4 anymore, but there’s a new bisecting line connecting the V and I, and a serif ascender of the I. Now, it looks more like the regular (or West Arabic) numeral 4 that we all use and recognize. It’s a subtle change that leaves us all scratching our heads. To figure out why this is significant, let’s trace Beyoncé’s affinity for the number. And no, it has nothing to do with the Illuminati.

For starters, Bey’s birthday is September 4 (which makes her a Virgo). Hubby Jay-z’s birthday is December 4 (making him a Sagittarius). They pair clearly sensed the significance of their birth dates, so they chose to get married on April 4, or 4/4. They both took it a step further when they named their albums 4 and 4:44, by Beyonceé and Jay-Z respectively. Some fans postulate that Blue Ivy’s name is a play on the Roman numeral 4, or IV. Get it?

So the faint change to her tattoo, in our opinion, is a symbolic way to bring everything together. Now that all the characters connect to each other, it’s a stronger visual indicator of her marriage and her family. It looks similar to the symbol of Blue’s zodiac sign, Capricorn. We’re not getting a sense that it also looks like twins Sir and Rumi’s sign of Gemini, but anything is possible!

In any case, we postulate that this means good things Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s marriage. She’s been posting some serious Date Night outfit pics and couple shots on Instagram, so it’s looking things have come a long way from Becky With the Good Hair. May their love reign forever.

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