Welcome to the most definitive list of beaches ever assembled — a diverse collection of off-the-beaten-path slices of paradise from every hidden corner of our planet.
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Pack your bags and book a flight to these amazing powder white beaches, swaying palm trees, turquoise waters, volcanic coastlines, and snow-capped mountain peaks steps from the sea. This comprehensive list will take you from the azure waters of Australia to the postcard-worthy shores of Africa, Europe, North, Central and South America, Caribbean, Asia and everywhere in between.

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No 1-Grace Bay- Turks and Caicos

GRACE Bay Beach, in Turks and Caicos is the most iconic and awe-inspiring stretch of sand in the world, and you’ll know you’ve set foot on one of the most spectacular beaches the moment you arrive. The protective and remarkably colorful barrier reef, which sits 1.6 kilometres off the shore, keeps the ocean swells at bay, making Grace Bay one of the most ideal places to soak in warm Atlantic waters. Swimmers enjoy consistent plush sands without the annoyance of rocks, seaweed or pollution. Those looking for a truly unforgettable underwater adventure can take the short boat ride to the barrier reef just minutes away. With sunny skies roughly 319 days a year, this island opens its welcoming arms to visitors year round with delicious sands that wrap you in luxury and clearest waters that beckon you to dive in. Getting There Getting to this remarkable place is much easier than you think. Travelers can fly directly into Turks and Caicos via Providenciales International Airport, the closest airport to Grace Bay, for around an incredible $300. Residents of Canada can fly from Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal to Turks and Caicos with Air Canada or American Airlines. Residents of the U.S. can fly direct from New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Florida, Las Vegas and Miami. There are also convenient flights from conventional Europeanhubs such as Amsterdam, London and Paris. Island transportation is incredibly accessible from the airport. To get to Grace Bay, visitors can rent a car, hop onto public transport, or grab a taxi. Your tropical beach getaway is right at the edge of your fingertips.

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No 2- Whitehaven Beach- Australia

Whitehaven Beach will make you believe in love at first sight. Composed of 98-percent silica, the sand here is some of the whitest on Earth. But the baby-powder-like sand isn’t all that makes every visit to this piece of paradise one to remember. Visitors can only access this 7 kilometers of coastline along the warm, clear waters of the Coral Sea by helicopter or seaplane to experience this spectacular island. Seeing all of that untouched natural beauty from above will make you believe in a tropical utopia with glowing sands and crystalline beaches. Situated on Queensland’s Whitsunday Islands with an always comforting 27°C temperature, this stretch of sand backed by tree-covered mountains is a heaven on earth which one must see to believe. Getting There Venturing into this beautiful beach is easy when flying directly into major airports in Australia. Deals can be found from Europe, Canada and the U.S. to Australia for around $1,000. Book direct flights from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Cairns operated by Qantas, Virgin Australia, and Jetstar. Using flight search engines, you can find the best prices and the best times to book your journey from Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Calgary, Las Vegas, India and many more destinations around the world. You have quite a few options once you have landed to get to Whitehaven Beach, including boat, helicopter or sea-plane. The adventurous journey will only make the destination even more beautiful.

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No 3- Anse Lazio- Seychelles

Anse Lazio in Seychelles places each visitor into their own tropical paradise with soft, golden sand and sunlit atmosphere. Crystal clear water and lush coconut palms backed by granite boulders create a setting that feels more like a dream than real life. Anse Lazio is recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, known for its picturesque views and vivid colors. The saturated waters wrap each swimmer in a teal dream while the dark green palms frame the golden sunset. The magnificent stretch of coastline offers a tropical oasis for every traveler whether they prefer vigorous activities or serene environments. Waters at an average 27°C draw visitors in for days spent snorkeling and swimming while the warm 28°C weather presents the perfect opportunity for exploration, activities, or a rest on pillow-like sands with a mimosa in hand. Getting There Anse Lazio is located on the northwest coast of Praslin Island, east of Zanzibar and northeast of Madagascar. The beach may feel likes it’s quite removed from the world but is actually easily accessible. You can obtain cheap flights to Africaand then fly to Seychelles or to Madagascar. Canadian people can travel from Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver and Halifax to Seychelles. Many flights from European destinations like London, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin arrive at Seychelles International Airport near Victoria, and travel amongst the islands from there is easy. Visitors can catch the speed ferry for an adventurous trip or take a short 15-minute flight from Mahe to Praslin. You will have your toes in the sand and sun on your shoulders at Anse Lazio before you know it.

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No 4-Pink Sands Beach- Bahamas

Pink Sands Beach has a fairytale-like name, and you’ll understand why when you set foot on the beautifully colored sands. The nearly 5 kilometres of stunning coastline, saturated in golden sun and pink plush ground, will plant itself in your memory forever. Harbour Island in the Bahamas is home to inviting stretches of coastline and mellow waters protected by an offshore coral reef. This portion of the island is an especially dreamy part, known for its pale pink sand made from the bright red and pink shells of the microscopic Foraminifera insects.  The color contrasts and meshes with the turquoise waterline, creating sunrise and sunset colors that are unlike anything else you’ll see in your lifetime. Getting There You can find flights to the Caribbean from all major countries in the world. The closest airport to Harbour Island is North Eleuthera (ELH) airport. From there, you’ll have to take a taxi to the dock, and then a water taxi to Harbour Island. Due to the lack of international flights directly to ELH, most tourists fly into Nassau, Resident of Canada can book flights from Toronto, Halifax, Ottawa, Montrealand Calgary. Although US citizen can fly from New York, Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale or Miamioperated by United Airlines, Air Canada and British Airways take a connecting flight to North Eleuthera from there.

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No 5. Navagio Beach- Greece

Navagio Beach in Greece will dazzle your tropical dreams into reality as blue and white beauty immesh to create a shipwrecked oasis. In fact, you will not be able to get the clear, crystal blue waters and fine gravel sand off your mind for decades to come. The remoteness of the island only adds to the spectacular and unique atmosphere of Navagio on Zakynthos Island. The baby blue waters and towering golden cliffs absolutely enchant travelers with its exotic features and atmosphere. The shipwrecked Freightliner MV Panagiotis, washed on the gravel beach, only adds to the uniqueness of the paradise. The crisp 19°C weather and 20°C water welcome visitors into a new kind of tropical island meant to be experienced through vivid sights and slow strolls. Ethereal views capture your attention as you travel to the beach by sea, slowly becoming overawed by the beauty of this small island. Getting There Your stunning Navagio Beach location is most easily and quickly accessible by first flying into the Zakynthos International Airport in Greece. Travel from Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Calgary to Greece or you can take flights from Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago to Greece. There are US Airways, American Airlinesand Aegean Airlines operated direct flights from USA to Athens, Greece. Beach goers can then rent a car or hire a personal driver on a quad or motorbike for direct access to Navagio. This otherworldly tropical destination is only a moment away.

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No 6-Baia Dos Porcos-Brazil

Tucked away in the Fernando de Noronhaarchipelago is Baia Dos Porcos, also known as the “Bay of Pigs,” one of the most awe-inspiring beaches to experience. The myriad of blues meddle in perfect harmony on the still water filled with rock formations, including the iconic “Dois Irmaos” rocks which means the “two brothers.” Even better – the beach is likely to be all yours, as it requires a trek to get to, and you have to pay per day to stay on the island, limiting the number of daily visitors. Water sports are forbidden – which means it’s all serenity, all the time. Instead, search for the turtles and wildlife that inhabit the area and find yourself in preserved and natural beauty. Getting There The best time to fly to Brazil is between December and March, during the Brazilian summertime. The closest state to Fernando de Noronha is Recife.  Fly into Fernando de Noronha from Recife or Natal in Brazil. If you’d prefer to make your journey to Fernando de Noronha on a cruise, 4-6 day cruises depart from Recife, Natal, and Fortaleza! Canadiancitizen can take flights from Vancouver, Halifax, Toronto, Montreal and Winnipeg to Brazil. You can travel from many European destinations like Copenhagen, Budapest, London, Paris and Amsterdam. From there, Cacimba do Padre Beach offers boat rides to the beach during low tide, or you can hike or take a bus in. Whichever way you prefer, it’s strongly advised that you go with a guide as you’ll encounter some adventurous terrain!

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No 7- Playa Paraiso- Mexico

Playa Paraiso in the Riviera Maya is a quintessential beach destination for travelers on the hunt for perfection. Stunning white sands and bright teal waters combine to create a beach unlike others in Mexico. The thousands of annual tourists will agree that Paraiso’s waters are always welcoming and calm while a bounteous coral reef rests just offshore for an adventurous snorkeling or scuba diving session. For those who want a tranquil getaway, Paraiso is their paradise with soft sands just waiting to be relaxed on while the 290 annual days of sun offer a sun-kissed glow. With an average temperature of 20°C and water at 21°C, visitors are always able to find themselves comfortable and serene in their tropical paradise. Getting There Planning a trip to Central America is perfect anytime of the year. Known as Paradise Beach for a reason, Playa Paraiso is easily accessible with numerous direct flights to Cancun International Airport. Travelers can take non-stop flights to the Cancun from Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto these top Canadiancities operated by Air Canada, WestJet and Air Transat. USA citizens can fly directly to Cancun from Atlanta, Boston, New York, Denver and Miami. Be ever closer to their perfect tropical destination. The beach is located about two hours south which means a great opportunity for a journey right down the beautiful Mexican coast. Various travel options are available right from the international airport, including rental cars and private or public transport. Your beach vacation is only a short trip away.

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No 8- Hyams Beach- Australia

No place on earth invites you to relax and unwind quite like the luxuriously soft white sands of Hyams Beach. Located on the South Coast of New South Wales, this postcard-worthy stretch of sand along the Jervis Bay invites visitors to enjoy underwater adventures in crystal waters or sink their toes into the whitest sands in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records. For the more athletically inclined, hike in the Jervis Bay National Park located amongst the beach beauties. Dotted with rugged rock formations and bright green foliage, you may have to pinch yourself to make sure you are not dreaming when you set foot on the luxurious sands of Hyams Beach. Getting There Getting to Hyams Beach is only a part of your incredibly exotic journey. The closest international airport is located in Sydney. Fly from major airports across various countries into Australia and then find yourself aboard a train trekking safely to your beach destination. North Americans can take direct flights from Honolulu, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Vancouver to Sydney airport operated by American Airlines, Qantas, Jetstar, United Airlines and Air Canada airlines. From European destinations like London, Paris and Amsterdam have connecting flights via India, Dubai and Singapore. definitely a top mode of transportation along the coast of New South Wales as you take in the sights of a world removed. Travelers also opt for public travel or rental cars as they are all available from the airport to Hyams Beach.

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No 9-Hidden Beach-Mexico

Imagine a beach completely tucked away inside a cave with a cavernous opening in the roof to let the perfect amount of sunlight enter. That is Mexico’s Hidden Beach, and it’s undeniably one of the most interesting beaches in the world. Located just a 1-hour-long boat ride from Puerto Vallarta on the Islas Marietas, the only way to reach the golden sand at Hidden Beach is to jump off a boat and swim or kayak through a tunnel to shore. It is said that the hole in the roof of the cave, creating an ideal sunbathing area, was made when Mexican forces were engaging in bombing practice during World War I. Despite the hole’s not-so-natural creation, the result is one of the most awe-inspiring stretches of sand in the world. With only a few visitors allowed on the beach at one time, you will get to experience the lush beauty and exquisite scenery in an intimate setting hidden from the world. Getting There Venturing to Mexico’s Hidden Beach takes a bit more effort due to its hidden nature and remoteness. Fly from major airports across various countries into Cancun or Cozumel and then begin the next step of the journey. Canadian citizens can take direct flights from Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal, Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver operated by Air Transat, WestJet and Air Canada. Resident of the United States travel from Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Washington DC, Los Angeles and Chicago. Public travel, rental cars, and transportation services are all available from the airport to get you closer to your destination. However, the fun comes in finding yourself hidden away on the beach. Visitors go on a short boat ride through crystal blue waters and find themselves having to dive in and swim to reach these golden sands. The experience is worth every second of travel.

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No 10- Trunk Bay-US Virgin Islands

Trunk Bay’s beauty has been so life-changing to so many people that it was donated to the National Park Service more than five decades ago. Today, it remains one of the best-preserved beaches in the world. Venture to Trunk Bay Beach in the US Virgin Islands, where you will find a 205 metre underwater snorkeling trail, roughly .5 of a mile of silky sands and a number of different amenities to make your visit that much more enjoyable. Trunk Bay’s clean and clear waters offer ample opportunities for snapping photos of colourful sea creatures while the smooth coral sands invite weary travelers to throw down a towel and unwind. The tropical location presents an accessible beach escape open to thousands of travelers on the hunt for a perfect playground. This just may be it. Getting There This tropical vacation is not just a place in your dreams but easily accessible to wanderlust venturers. Any major airports will offer flights directly into the U.S. Virgin Islands. You can fly into the Cruz Bay Seaplane Base, located within minutes of Trunk Bay or into the Cyril E. King Airport International Airport on St. Thomas. From the USAnon-stop flights from Atlanta, New York, Miami, Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia take you to this Caribbean beach. Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Halifax and Vancouver cities have flights to St. Thomas operated by US Airways, American Airlines and United Airlines. Though this airport is a good option for international travelers and those wanting a variety of travel times, you will have to then take a domestic flight to Cruz Bay or lounge on chartered boats and water transportation. Either way, Trunk Bay’s beauties are only moments away while you are already daydreaming of sun-kissed sands and clear blue waters.

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No 11- Maya Bay- Thailand

Maya Beach will make visitors feel as though they are on the set of a film, sheltered on silky white sands and surrounded by unbelievably memorizing green cliffs and vividly colorful coral. No wonder this has been the setting for many films and attracts thousands of tourists every day. Travelers can experience these beautiful and exciting surroundings by taking a private boat trip, snorkeling in aquamarine waters, or stretching out on pillow-like sand while they work on their tan in the usual 10 hours of sunshine a day. With an average day at a warm 29°C and water that welcomes you at 27°C, Maya Beach in Koh Phi Phi Le Thailand is said to be one of the most stunning and accessible islands in the world. Try it out for yourself in your next tropical retreat. Getting There: Venturing into this otherworldly beach is easy when flying directly into Phuket. Major deals can be found from Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the USA to Phuket. You can also take flights from London, Delhi, Toronto, Montreal, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland and Perth to the Bangkok. Many tourist visits Thailand from China, Malaysiaand India. You have quite a few options once you have landed to get to Maya Beach, including private longboats, ferries that offer day tours of the various islands, and adventurous speedboats. Travel options are numerous and make getting there just another exciting part of your journey.

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No 12- Pig Beach- Bahamas

Pig Beach sits in amongst the Exumas: a chain of 300, mostly uninhabited islands renowned for their euphoric beaches, world-class diving, and luxurious resorts. As you reach its picture-perfect shores by speed or sailboat, you’ll be greeted by swaying palms, pristine sugary-white sands, and some very cute locals. Pig Beach really does live up to its name as it is the only place on the planet where you can take a dip in crystal-clear turquoise ocean alongside pink-and-brown-spotted wild pigs. These friendly and very camera-confident animals will be your only company as you walk, swim, and relax in what feels like a deserted Caribbean paradise. Getting There Pig Beach is located in the stunning Bahamas, a top travel destination. International flights are easy to come by at a variety of times, prices, and airline choices. You can fly directly to the Caribbean or Nassau. Canadian resident can take flights from Toronto, Halifax, Montreal, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Vancouver to Bahamas. You can find direct flights from these American cities including New York, Miami, Florida, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta operated by American Airlines, United Airlines and Air Canada. Once there, you will catch a quick plane to Staniel Cay or Great Exuma. There, you can access a chartered boat or take an organized day trip to Pig Beach as the only access to the beautiful island is by boat. This truly becomes a part of your tropical adventure.

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No 13- Blue Lagoon- Fiji

Blue Lagoon beach sits on the shores of the hilly volcanic island of Nacula, one of the Fiji islands. On the palm-fringed shoreline, you’ll be able to bury your toes into smooth, pearl-white sand and snorkel in some of the clearest waters on the planet. The most impressive scenery, however, comes from above. As you approach the island by seaplane, you’ll be met by rugged, emerald-green peaks rising dramatically from the sea. As you get closer, the details will become clear: a maze of idyllic coves, mangrove swamps and crystal-clear lagoons await you on the ground. For a 360-degree view of the Yasawa islands, follow one of the well-trodden, mangrove-covered hiking routes inland to Nabua Lodge. This is a wild, untouched paradise that’s just waiting to be explored. Getting There: Getting to Blue Lagoon is quite the adventure. Travelers can book an international flight into the Nadi International Airport on the island of Viti Levu. Australians can take non-stop flights from Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane. North American’s have flights from options Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Honolulu, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Chicago to Fiji. This is the main gateway into the country from anywhere across the globe. After your flight into Fiji, the only way to get to Blue Lagoon is by boat or seaplane. There are several ferry departures from Fiji’s mainland which must be booked online. Seaplanes should be booked well in advance, as they only leave when they have a booking. You will be on your island getaway within the hour.

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No 14-El Nido- Philippines

Imagine a beach that has it all — gorgeous turquoise lagoons under towering cliff walls and sprawling white sand beaches. El Nido in the Philippines has it all and more to create the most memorable of tropical destinations, wrapping each visitor in golden sun and sultry waters. Known for “island hopping” opportunities and nestled in the Bacuit Archipelago, this beach has everything you want in a beach — astounding views, remote terrain, and a proximity to delectable restaurants and beachfront bars. Take a boat ride around the rock formations and explore the culture of the neighboring town. It is an eternal summer playground that you won’t want to miss. Getting There: Your beach paradise is much closer than you may think. All major airlines across the globe fly directly into the Philippines. You can book a flight to the Ninoy Aquino international airport, for example, and then travel right into the Puerto Princesa Domestic Airport on a short domestic flight. Australians can take direct flights from Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth and Brisbane. There are several flights options available from USA and Canada Including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Calgary cities. Explore Puerto Princesa before hailing a shuttle van or a bus to El Nino which is about a five-hour drive. You can also opt for a private charter right to El Nino itself or take a picturesque ferry ride from Manila.

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No 15-Muri Beach - Cook Islands

Want to swim in crystal turquoise waters of a lagoon while mountainous peaks frame the clear blue sky? Muri Beach, located in the Cook Islands, is your tropical destination for swimming, boating, and relaxing. Palm-studded beaches lie against the water, offering the perfect destination for scuba diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, and kite surfing. For those preferring a relaxing getaway, Muri’s 27°C temperature and 26°C water temperature make for the perfect relaxing beach trip meant for reclining on the white sand and lazily swimming through the blue waters. 150,000 annual visitors would have to agree that Muri’s sun shines a bit brighter and waters flow a bit calmer in this island getaway. Getting There: Getting to Muri Beach on Cook Island is all part of the fun of traveling. Get there with ease through flights from any major continent right onto paradise’s doorstep. Rarotonga International Airport offers services to and from Auckland, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Delhi, Sydney, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Hawaii and Tahiti. Major airports in the U.S. and Canada also offer services directly to Rarotonga. You can also take connecting flights via Europe, India, Delhi, South America and Caribbean. At the airport, rental cars, buses, taxis, and scooters (for the young at heart) are the most efficient ways to traverse the coastal terrain. Muri Beach is a short 20 minutes drive from Rarotonga International Airport; your dreamscape is only a few minutes away.

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No 16-Saltwhistlebay- St. Vincent & Grenadines

Located on the smallest inhabited island of Mayreau, Saltwhistle Bay makes you feel like you’re starring in your very own Robinson Crusoe novel. As you disembark from your boat, you’ll be greeted by an exquisite 2-and-half-mile-long crescent of silky-smooth white sand with wave after wave of crystal-clear water lapping at your feet. Saltwhistle’s perfectly spaced palms, sea-grape trees, and blooming bushes offer the perfect refuge from the midday sun. With little to do other than walk its stunning shores, explore the tropical marine life and spot superyachts on the horizon. This slice of paradise really is the perfect relaxation spot. St. Vincent and the Grenadines Getting There: Saltwhistle Bay sits along the northern tip of Mayreau, to the west of the Tobago Cays. All major airlines fly to St Vincent, Caribbean where you will want to take a boat from. You can also fly from Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Halifax, Ottawa and Vancouver to St Vincent or New York, Las Vegas, Miami, Orlando, Los Angeles, Boston, Hawaii and Chicago to St Vincent. There is no airstrip on Mayreau, making this dreamy stretch of sand accessible only by boat. The ferry leaves from St.Vincent several times a week and the journey takes around three-and-a-half hours. The closest international airport is E.T Joshua Airport, St. Vincent. international airport is E.T Joshua Airport, St. Vincent.

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No 17-Halfmoon Bay- Antigua

Half Moon Bay is a top destination for a visitor who craves tranquil moments spent exploring nature’s wonders or calmly watching crystal waters lap at their feet. This stunning Antiguan beach is truly a hidden gem with luxury meant only for a treasure island of emerald waters and golden sunlight. Almost a 1.6-kilometer length spread of soft pink sands meet gem-like waters which cater to windsurfing adventurers or snorkeling explorers alike. Half Moon Bay Beach is considered not only one of Antigua’s top beaches but the world’s top tropical destinations. And, it’s not hard to believe with an average of 10 hours of sunshine a day and temperatures ranging around 27.7°C. Perfect views and perfect weather combine to make this beach a very special and serene destination. Getting There: Getting to this dreamy island is not as hard as it may seem, though, the seclusion of the beach makes it a bit more difficult. Travelers can fly directly into Antigua’s three airports, V C Bird being the international airport in the area. You can also fly from Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Halifax, Montrealand Calgary to Antigua or New York, Boston, Chicago, Florida, Miami, San Francisco and Hawaiito Antigua, Caribbean operated by Air Canada, WestJet, American Airlines. The best way from the airport to Half Moon Bay is by taxi, or rental car if you prefer to drive yourself. If tranquil and quiet settings are what you hope for, the beach is worth every second of the travel.

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No 18-Luckybay Australia

Lucky Bay in Western Australia has been rated one of the top beach destinations for its crystal blue waters and white sands that stretch as far as the eye can see. Lucky Beach will impress you and its average 150,000 visitors a year because of its pristine nature, gorgeous weather, and sand that actually squeaks as you walk. This beach has been tested to have the whitest sand of all Australian beaches, creating a bright treasure cove of gleaming sands and crystallized waters. A unique destination for beachside camping or seaside boating, visitors can experience a new style of beach life while making friends with the kangaroos who call Lucky Beach home. This beach and national park also experience an average temperature of 21°C with water temperature hovering at 17.7°C and 10 hours of sunshine in the sunniest months. Getting There You will not want to wait to visit this stunning location so you can most easily and quickly access Lucky Bay by flying into Perth International Airport in Australia. Travel from Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Ottawa and Winnipeg to Perth or from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hawaii, New York, Las Vegas and Chicago to Perth operated by United Airlines, American Airlines and Qantas. Australianscan take direct flights from Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and Adelaide. Once landed, take another flight to Esperance Airport for a duration of 1.5 hours. Beach wanders can then rent a car, or jump into public transportation to cover the 62 kilometers from the airport to beach in around one hour. Your dreams of white sands and azure waters are only a flight, skip and a hop away.

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No 19-Flamenco Beach-Puerto Rico

If you have ever pictured yourself swimming dreamily through turquoise waters while the silkiest white sand begs to be laid on, Flamenco Beach in Puerto Rico is a must for you along with its thousands of visitors every year. Flamenco is a crescent-shaped beach located on Culebra Island,  reachable by plane or ferry which means your secluded and immaculate surroundings will continue to remain naturally beautiful. With an average temperature of 29°C and water temperature of 27.5°C, Flamenco’s 1.6 km of coastline attracts travelers lusting for the perfect beach day. Go snorkeling through the pristine coral reefs, explore the US naval tanks left from the 1970s, or just simply sip your piña colada into paradise. Getting There Venturing to the land where Caribbean pirates used to roam is easy when searching for the right flight. Visitors from all over the globe can fly into Puerto Rico’s three major international airports for with Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in Carolina located closest to Flamenco. You can also fly from New York, Miami, Florida, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles and Hawaii to Puerto Rico or Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, Winnipeg and Halifaxto Puerto Rico, Central America operated by Air Canada, Air Transat and American Airlines. From the international airport, travelers can either get onto a short flight to Culebra or venture forward as sea captains and take a ferry to Flamenco.

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No 20-Reynisfjara Beach- Iceland

Reynisfjara Beach is an extremely exquisite and unique beach destination in Iceland adorned with black sand made from lava. This mystical beach is home to scattered cliffs and natural landmarks like the Reynisdrangar (towering basalt sea stacks) as well as enormous cave mouths akin to the fantasies you see in movies. Puffins can be seen on the southern end of the beach and the Dyrholaey lighthouse is as quirky as it is notable.  This beach is the finest in Iceland and bound to make you forget about all those other tropical vacation considerations — invoking a longing to discover every corner of Iceland’s majestic shores. Getting There Traveling to Reynisfjara Beach requires an international flight from Europe, Canada, or the U.S. into Iceland. A number of major airlines such asIcelandair offer services into the larger Icelandairport in Keflavik. From this airport, travelers take a connecting flight to Reykjavik which is the closest major city to the beach. There are direct flights from the UK, Ireland, London, Norway and Sweden with British Airways, Air France and Air Lufthansa. Rental car services and public transport will be readily available once you reach the Reykjavik airport. A short two and a half hour drive down Highway One will drop you at your beach location.

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No 21- Île aux Cerfs-Mauritius

Île aux Cerfs is a tropical paradise meant to place every traveler in the luxury of lush green palms, deep teal and cerulean blue waters, and cloud-like white sands. Located off the coast of Mauritius, the island is famous for its enthralling views and multitude of activities. Visitors can engage in a number of water sports like snorkeling, swimming and water tours through the 25°C waters. The breathtaking coral reefs also add splashes of bright colors visible through the clearest waters on earth. One can picnic on the soft sands, golf on the island’s course, or simply watch life pass by in a haze of tropical wonder and warmth. Four kilometers of exhilarating sands and sun create a perfect day spent in paradise for the thousands of visitors who fall in love with Île aux Cerfs’ immense beauty. Getting There Getting to Île aux Cerfs requires an international flight from any major airport from Europe, Canada, and North America. You can fly from New York to Mauritius or Vancouver to Mauritius. Flights are offered with the most reputable airlines including  Air Canada, British Airways and American Airlines. Residents of Australia can get direct flights from Hobart, Adelaide, Perth and Auckland. Fly directly into Mauritius Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport in Africa and rent a car or travel on public or private transport for an hour to get to the Beau Champ area. Once there, travelers have a number of options to get to the shoreline, including boat, catamaran, or yacht for ultimate pleasure. Your own paradise is now only moments away.

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No 22-Fulhadhoo Beach- Maldives

Find yourself on Fulhadhoo Beach in the Maldives, and you’ll find yourself where few other travelers have gone before. Sitting on a little-known piece of paradise lost in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, this snow-white sand beach is surrounded by far more coconut palms than people. Soak in one of the turquoise lagoons or feel the comfort of the steady sea breeze while the locals fish for the day’s fresh catch. Located on Fulhadhoo Island in the Maldives’ Baa Atoll, you’re more likely to see schools of colorful fish, sea turtles, and dolphins than tourists on your visit here. Even more, the island is ripe with places to snorkel and free dive, but other sandy, uninhabited island escapes are just a short swim away. If a serene and quiet vacation is what you need, this tropical destination is beckoning to you with its luscious sands and sapphire waters. Getting There Traveling to this serene oasis is easy with a variety of different flight options. Fly from Miami to the Maldives or Ottawa to the Maldives. Travelers begin their journey by flying into the Maldive’s Velana International Airport. You can also find connecting flights from neighbouring countries including Sri Lanka, India, Singapore and Malaysia. Residents of Australia can get direct flights from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Auckland. This beach truly is a remote oasis so your travels are not quite finished yet. Getting to Fulhadhoo takes a bit longer with a two hour chartered sea boat trip that you can schedule directly from the airport. Relax as you are ferried over the waters to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

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No 23-Vaeroy-Norway

Vaeroy is magic — its remote location, towering cliffs, towering mountains, and beautiful, still water makes this a beach unlike any other. Vaeory defies the saying, “best of both worlds” because it’s the best of all worlds. Experience the landscape, terrain, and refreshing emerald waters of Norway all along the shores near a quaint and homey town that offers delicious Norwegian cuisine and warm coffee.  Seasoned travelers rave about the hike at Punn Sanded, and for good reason. After an hour and 20-minute hike to the top, you’ll be rewarded by a view that will make your heart race — where bird’s eye, emerald seas meets beautiful sandy beaches that seemingly beckon you. Getting There Getting to Norway and your beach destination is quite easy with so many flight options in Europe. Book an easy flight to Oslo, Norway, from just about any major airport. You will then take a connecting flight with Turkish Airlines or British Airways and end up in Bodo or Narvik, depending on what more you hope to explore. You can also find connecting flights from neighbouring countries including the UK, Germany, France and Sweden. North Americans can fly from Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and Orlando to this dream destination. Vaeroy is part of the Lofoten Islands which is an easy drive from Narvik or an easy ferry ride from Bodo. Within an hour, you will be at one of the most unique beaches in the world.

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No 24-Cayo Coco-Cuba

Heaven awaits and it’s teeming with all-inclusive resorts — and only resorts, no other buildings — for your piña colada sipping pleasure. Cayo Coco in Cuba is adorned with pastel blue waters that caress the white sand shores and resorts with delicious cuisine and Cuban music. Spend your day’s snorkeling, diving, birdwatching, and sinking your toes into the soft sand hiding under the crystal water. It’s a getaway to soothe your soul and rejuvenate your spirit — where the vacation spirit never ceases.  Getting There Cayo Coco is quite a remote island destination yet travel can be easy using intuitive flight search engines. You can get direct flights from United Airlines, Air Canada and Alaska Airlines. The most common place to fly into is Havana, Cuba, which accepts international flights from Canada the U.S., and Europe. North Americans can take direct flights from, Los Angeles, Boston, Vancouver and Calgary. From the airport, you will get an easy car rental and drive right where you need to be or get onto the Viazul bus. Either car or public transportation journey will be around 6 hours, or you can take another smaller plane trip into Cayo Coco itself which takes about two hours.

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No 25-Seven Mile Beach-Cayman Islands

Seven Mile Beach is the show-stopper of the Cayman Islands with almost 7 miles of uninterrupted fine coral sand, warm turquoise water, and rows of gently swaying palms. As you walk along what seems to be a never-ending stretch of paradise, you’ll have boundless opportunities to swim, snorkel, and sink your body into the soft white sand. Seven Mile also tempts visitors with its luxurious beach-front villas, mouth-watering gourmet eateries, and stylish sunset bars. This is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a castaway-like beach but with a touch of comfort, decadence, and luxury. Getting There An amazing thing about Seven Mile Beach is that it’s really accessible due to its proximity to Cayman’scapital Georgetown. You can fly with most reputable airlines including Air Canada, American Airlines and Delta Airline. Travelers can catch a direct flight to Owen Roberts International Airport, located in the Grand Cayman. Residents of North America can travel from Canada, USA, California and Mexico. The airport offers a myriad of international flight options to make your travels smooth and easy from locations across the globe. There is also convenient traveling from Toronto, Sydney, San Francisco and New York. Once there, you can get a taxi to your accommodation or venture directly to Seven Miles Beach to begin your tropical adventures immediately. A car journey from the airport will last a short 10 minute ride to paradise.

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No 26-Anse Source d’Argent-Seychelles

Located in the Seychelles, Anse Source d’Agent is the world’s most photographed beach — as its beauty deserves to be forever immortalized.  But, whether peering from the boulder-adorned shore through your sunglasses or beneath the rolling tide in scuba goggles, your memories will outlive all of the gorgeous photos that have been taken there. It’s the cultural aspect that also adds the sparkle to Anse Source D’Agent. Explore local plantations then wander until you get to the water and wade in. The shallow water allows you to walk out about one km with it barely reaching your waist. Immerse yourself in the clarity of the water and feel refreshed by the ocean breeze. Getting There Located in the Seychelles, Anse Source D’Agent is located in the southwest of La Digue. To jumpstart your dreamy vacation, book a flight to Africa or mesmerizing countries including Morocco, Egypt, South Africa and Mauritius. You will find direct flights to Maha Island from British Airways and Emirates which will likely deposit you on the largest and most popular island. Residents of US can travel from San Diego, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. You can also find flights from Melbourneto Seychelles and Sydney to Seychelles. From there, it’s an easy ferry ride to La Digue. The Anse Source D’Agent is inside the l’Union Estate, a national park that charges an entrance fee of 100 rupees, ensuring the beach is always in pristine condition and crowds stay thin.

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No 27-Horseshoe Bay- Bermuda

At Horseshoe Bay, turquoise meets pink in a splendor of colors to feast your eyes upon. Ordained with pink sands, Horseshoe Bay in Bermuda is hailed as the most famous and beloved of all the beaches, making it an endless honeymoon. Explore its rock creations, hideaway caves, and jagged terrain to escape the tide or head towards the waves. It appears to be remote alongside serene nature — and with your feet are in the sand, you’ll think you’re on your own island. But, it’s just a short distance from delicious seafood restaurants and ice cream treats. Getting There: Bermuda is an easy destination to fly into, accessible via nonstop flights from Las Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston and San Diego. From New York City, it is a short 90-minute flight. You can fly with Delta Airlines, Air Canada and American Airlines directly into Bermuda. Residents of Canadacan travel from Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. The heavenly beach of Horseshoe Bay is located on the southwest shore, only 20 minutes from the dockyard and 30 minutes from the airport. Make the trip by taxi, scooter, or public transportation with a shuttle that consistently runs from the dockyard.

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No 28-Honokalani Beach-USA

Honokalani Beach, deemed sacred by the Hawaiian people, is a small volcanic crescent tucked away within the beautiful Waianapanapa State Park in Hawaii. Its jet black sand, bright turquoise water and lush green forest combine to create one of the most stunning natural wonders. But that’s not all. The park itself is made up of 122 acres of impressive lava tubes, steep cliffs, spring-fed sea caves, blowholes, and Hawaii’s largest known temple. Each one is begging to be explored by travelers lusting for a beautiful tropical oasis.  If you’re looking for an out-of-this-world beach with a side order of adventure, Honokalani’s your ticket. Getting There: Honokalani Beach is located on the northeast tip of the Hawaiian island of Maui. The beach is a popular stop en route to Hana as it is located just 3 miles north of the town, so North American travel itineraries are easily made. You have many flight options into Hawaii International Airport from major international airports including New York, Calgary, London, Miami and Paris. Travelers can fly into Hawaii from any Canadian or American international airport by major airlines Delta Airlines, American Airlines and Air Canada. The closest international airport is Kahului Airport in Maui. Fly from New Yorkto Maui or Toronto to Maui. After arriving at the airport, you can either obtain a rental car or hire a private taxi to deliver you directly onto paradise’s doorstep in a quick two hour journey.

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No 29-Turquoise Bay-Australia

Found on Australia’s Coral Coast, Turquoise Bay has the purest and most vivid turquoise colored waters a traveler will ever experience. You’ll be amazed how a beach can look like a painting — stunning, extravagant blue accentuated by the soft, white sand upon its shores. Once you dive into the water, relish the breathtaking parade of colors underwater with over 500 species of fish and coral teaming just below the surface — as Ningaloo Reef is located nearby. Visitors find themselves enraptured in beautiful scuba diving adventures, making them feel as though they are on the hunt for nature’s treasures. The natural current of the water will pull you parallel to the shore, so relax, float, and become one with the water as you drift with the currents and feel the magic of the island pull you along. Getting There: Take any major airline on a flight to Perth, Australia, and you’re in the midst of paradise. You can fly to Australia with major airlines including Westjet, United Airlines and Air Canada. You can also travel domestically to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Hobart. Residents of Canada can book flights from Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, Vancouver and Toronto. The turquoise shores are conveniently close to Exmouth, and Exmouth is just a 2.5-hour flight from Perth – take a jet in or find a cab or a bus, and you will arrive there in about twenty minutes. Once at the vicinity, walk along the sand until you meet the beach – the walk itself is beautiful.

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No 30-Elafonissi Beach-Greece

Elafonissi Beach is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful beaches that Europe has to offer. Remote Elafonissi lies tucked away in Crete’s most southwestern point, and it’s well worth the journey. Its fine, coral-pink sand, picture-perfect turquoise water, and rolling dunes dotted with sand lilies and junipers resembles more a Caribbean paradise than a Greek island. Elafonisi is a Natura 2000 protected area, so, in between catching some rays and paddling in the shallow meter-deep lagoons, you’ll also have the chance to spot endangered turtles and other rare animals that use the beach as their nesting spot. Getting There: A Grecian vacation is on your horizon with so many travel options available to you. Fly into ChaniaInternational Airport as the closest to your beach destination from international airports in Canada, Europe, and the U.S. You can fly to Greece from most major airports. You can also find connecting flights from neighboring countries including Egypt, Italy, Spain and France. Find great deals on flights to Greece with over 1,000 airlines including Air Transat, Delta Airlines and United Airlines. Residents of Canada can book flights from Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal and Calgary. Once there, Elafonissi Beach can be reached via a beautiful 1.5-hour drive from Chania. Rental cars and transportation services will be available at the airport for your travel needs. Alternatively, you can take a boat tour that leaves from Chania’s Old Venetian Harbour for a different travel experience.

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No 31-Champagne Beach-Vanuata

Imagine this: a lagoon filled with effervescent water that resembles a sea of champagne at low tide, uninterrupted powdery white sand that pops and fizzes, and a perfectly sculpted champagne-flute- shaped shoreline. Yes, Champagne beach didn’t get its name for nothing. The volcanic activity here has created a truly unique and distinguished coastal paradise. And that’s not all. This luxurious stretch of sand — located on the largest yet least populated island of the Vanuatu archipelago — boasts warm, shallow and crystal clear waters framed by lush South Pacific jungle. With only coconut plantations, grazing cows and a few friendly locals to keep you company, this might just be the island of your dreams. Getting There: Traveling to Vanuatu is easily done with a number of international flights available. The main gateway to this destination is Santo Pekoa International Airport which accepts flights from Europe and North America. You can fly with British Airways and Air Lufthansa. Travel to many popular destinations in Oceania Including Australia and New Zealand. Many also fly into Vanuatu’s international Airport, Port Villa, because of its regular connections to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Auckland and Nadi. From these airports, transportation is accessible to get you to your final destination. Champagne Beach sits at the end of an hour-long drive from the main township of Luganville so you will not have long to wait.

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No 32-Tunnels Beach- USA

Tunnels Beach is a snorkeling and scuba diving paradise found on the stunning island of Kauai, Hawaii. Not only is it home to a coral reef so big that it can be seen from space, it also harbors a series of pristine underwater tunnels. These tunnels, created by lava tubes thousands of years ago, are a haven for skittle-colored fish of every shape and size. If you need a break from swimming the crystal-clear caverns, you can take a walk along the golden crescent-shaped bay lined by palms and ironwood trees — all backed by the impressive lush-green, rugged jungle peaks rising up behind them. Don’t miss the stunning sunset from the North Shore, either — it might just be the best you’ve ever seen. Getting There: Tunnels Beach is located on the north shore of the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Travelers can access a multitude of flight options into Hawaii from airports across the globe. Fly from North America’s popular destinations including Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Orlando or Los Angeles to Hawaii. You can fly with American Airlines and US airways or Delta Airlines to this destination. US citizens can fly from Texas, Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale or Miami operated by United Airlines, American Airlines and Air Canada. The main international gateway to the island is Lihue Airport. From Lihue to Tunnels, you can access public transport or rental cars to make a smooth and quick one hour journey. There’s a road that leads there going east from Hanalei towards Ha’ena which allows direct access to the island of your dreams.

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No 33-Kaputas Beach- Turkey

Kaputas beach has become the star of Turkey’stravel guides, and it’s not hard to understand why. If you could paint a picture of the perfect, untouched Mediterranean beach, Kaputas would be it. This small stretch of golden sand lies at the bottom of a steep, rocky gorge with endless shades of turquoise lapping at its shores. Visitors travel down a long set of steps to get to the golden paradise. Even the views from the top of the road looking down into the gorge are simply stunning and will implant Kaputas in your mind for years to come. Getting There: Kaputas Beach is located on breathtaking Kas, Turkey right on the Mediterranean coastline. You can fly to Europe by famous Turkish Airlines and British Airways. Travel from Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa and Calgary or take flights from Paris, France, Italy, Egypt and Chicago directly to Turkey. The nearest airport is Dalaman, although, many fly into Antalya Airport as there are more regular international flights there. You can also fly to Turkeyfrom Toronto, Chicago and New York. Kaputas lies on the windy (but breathtaking) road between Kalkan and Kas. You’ll need to take a minibus service to get here or have your own wheels.

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No 34-Dhigurah Island-Maldives

Dhigurah island, at 2.5 kilometers in length, is one of the longest islands in the Maldives. It sits at the southern tip of the Ari Atoll, a collection of 81 heavenly islands with a total of 80 km of picture-perfect white-sand-blue-sea paradise. Dhigurah island is just one of 18 inhabited islands in the Ari Atoll, yet at times you’ll feel like you’re the only one there. Its crystal clear waters are famous for their deep channel reefs with hundreds of whale sharks and manta rays waiting to be spotted all year round. With two-thirds of the island covered in lush green Maldivian forest and never-ending silky-smooth sand, you’ll feel like you’re starring in your very own Castaway movie.   Getting There Dhigurah is located 96 km southeast of Male in southern Ari Atoll. The best international airport to fly into would be the Velana International airport in Male. You can fly with AirAsia, Bangkok Airways and Air India to this destinations. This is the main gateway to the Maldives and to your island paradise.Fly into the Asia from all major countries including India, Srilanka, Malaysia, Australia and Indonesia. Many people from Asia travelling from Bali, Thailand, Japan and Singapore to get to the island from the international airport. Canadiancitizens can fly from Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax, Calgary and Ottawa.  Travelers will have to take either a 20 minute domestic flight, a chartered and adventurous 2.4 hour speedboat ride, or a 7 hour ferry trip from Male. The beauty of the island will make travel time fly by as you focus on your beach delights.

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No 35-Île aux Nattes- Madagascar

Île aux Nattes in Madagascar is quickly becoming the top choice for travelers searching for paradise. Bright turquoise waters, lush green palm trees, and cool white sands all combine to make the perfect tropical destination. With average weather of 26°C and water at a warm 27°C, the thousands of annual visitors always find themselves surrounded by perfection. Scuba diving, snorkeling, and whale watching are all extremely popular activities travelers take part in while surrounded by the beauty of Ile aux Nattes. But, if scenic viewing is a hobby of yours, make your way to the White House which offers a gorgeous 360° view of the island while you relax with a tropical drink. Getting There Getting to Ile aux Nattes is a bit more difficult due to its pure remoteness from larger populated areas of Madagascar. You can fly to this destination from Air France, Kenya Airways and South African Airways. The closest international airport is located about 300 kilometers away is the Antananarivo Ivato International Airport. Fly from Paris, Delhi, Amsterdam, London, New York and Los Angeles to Madagascar. There are also direct flights from various countries including South Africa, India, Greece, Mexico, Australia and Thailand. You will land in Ivato and then begin the next step of the journey. Residence of North America can travel from Canada, USA, and California. Public travel, rental cars, and transportation services are all available from the airport to southern Madagascar and accessible Ile Sainte Marie. Venturing from the Ile Sainte Marie to your paradise is just another part of the fun. Travel in a canoe while a boatman rows you to shore, jump into a ferry to cross the waters, or, if you come without luggage, swim right across the short channel to find yourself already relaxing into the beach environment.

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No 36-Cala Goloroitze-Italy

Jagged rocks soar into the sky over the Sardinian coast of Italy where Cala Goloritze lies gleaming in the sunlight. The waters of Ogliastra are incredibly turquoise and crystal clear, perfect for an afternoon canoeing adventure. Adventure on a hike on the trails that twist and turn up the cliffs towering over the water to see natural beauty at its finest. Located in beloved Sardinia, Cala Goloritze is exotic, quirky, and refreshing all at once, pulsating with the invitation to explore. Getting There Your travel to Cala Goloritze has never been easier with the amount of flight options offered to get you to your tropical oasis. Fly into Rome’s international airport, Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport, from any major airport across the U.S., Canada and Europe with American Airlines, Air Transat and British Airways. Another short flight from Rome to Olbia Airport will be the quickest and easiest way to arrive near the beach. Most travelers travel from these popular destinations including India, London, Florida, Hawaii and Costa Rica. From the west coast of Italy (from cities such as Genoa, Naples, and Palermo), you can take a ferry ride to Sardinia. Then take a tranquil boat ride from Cala Gonone or Santa Maria Navarrese to get to Cala Goloritze or drive to Su Porteddu by taking a rewarding hike through Cala Luna.

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No 37-Los Roques-Venezuela

Traveling to Venezuela, you’ll find the tranquility of Los Roques archipelago — remote, quiet, and serene with azure seas as far as the eye can see. Los Roques contains 350 islands and islets covering over 40 square kilometers of golden sun-soaked sands and cool blue waters. The wind and climate of the area make it the opportune tropical oasis for windsurfing and watersports, being hailed as a “kite surfer’s dream” by aficionados. Los Roques is the biggest Marine Nature Park in the Caribbean, with islands, reefs, sandbanks and calming stretches of sand open to exploration. 70,000 annual visitors will agree that that the archipelago’s isolated shorelines are ripe with beach spots of splendor and golden twilights. Getting There Los Roques is near the capital city of Caracas in beautiful Venezuela. Many travelers choose to fly from star alliance airlines such as United Airlinesand  Air Canada, In the heart of  Caracas from cities around the world. You can also fly to Venezuela from airports in Canada and the USA. There is also convenient  traveling in this city from Sydney, Toronto, San Francisco and New York. People of  U.S. Can Catch a flights from Las Vegas, New York,Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami. Once you find yourself in the city, you can decide your best travel options to the islands. You can venture by private boat and yacht transportation or take a short flight to Gran Roque, one of the larger islands within Los Roques archipelago. Your tropical oasis awaits after your travels.

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No 38- Long Beach Canada

You won’t forget the moment you first walk out onto this never-ending stretch of wilderness. Long Beach didn’t get its name for nothing; it’s a whopping 10-mile strip of protected coastline set against pristine emerald rainforest and snow-capped rocky mountains. Long Beach sits in the most northern part of the Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island — a 34,800-acre beach-lined temperate rain forest, and a protected area of the Clayoquot Sound UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. You’ll need a couple of days here to explore the tide pools, hike the many rainforest routes, and take a surf lesson in one of the most chilled-out places on the planet. Getting There Travel into Canada from Europe, Asia and other continent is quite convenient and accessible. You can also fly with some major airlines which includes Air Canada and Westjet. Long Beach is located on Vancouver Island with the closest airport being Tofino or Long Beach airport. You can also access a myriad of flight options into Vancouver International Airport from Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg. Also find cheap flight deals from some major Canadian destination such as  Halifax, Montreal and Ottawa. Your options from these airports are similar: rent a car to drive your way to the beach or access public or private transport.  Long Beach is the only one of the national park’s three sections that can be explored by car which makes it convenient for those who want to drive themselves from the airport or hotel.

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No 39-Grand Anse-Grenada

Located on the island nation of Grenada, Grand Anse Beach is adorned for its cultural element as travelers note that no other beach is more representative of the Caribbean lifestyle. It’s true — the food, the people, and the energy is everything you’d want to experience on a perfect Caribbean vacation. Stroll along markets and peruse arts and crafts for souvenirs. Indulge in Caribbean cuisine at the waterfront restaurants. Settle in, toes in the sand, to watch a glorious sunset unfold every evening over the soft lapping waters. Grand Anse is a unique combination of mesmerizing blue waters, sun-toasted sands, and rolling hills to finish the otherworldly landscape. Travelers feel as though they are stolen by the beautiful wonders and find themselves not wanting to escape the bluest paradise. Getting There Grenada is an easy flight away from any major airport. Travelers can fly directly into Grenada. Point Salines from the USA, Canada and Europe can fly with major airlines including Air Canada and United Airlines. For those inclined to more adventure, take a boat or cruise to the port of St. George which is only a few miles away from the Grande Anse. Find Cheap flights from Canadian cities including Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Halifax and Montreal. There are also Convenient flights from London, Miami, Parisand Orlando. Also get more flexibility in fares from most popular cities From there, an inexpensive taxi ride will get you to Grande Anse in minutes. Water taxis are also available from St. George to this stunning coast. It may be more expensive, but the incredible views are unlike any others.

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No 40-Boulders Beach-South Africa

Plush white sands. Ancient granite boulders. Small penguins. Venture to Boulders Beach in the Cape Peninsula of South Africa where a tropical day truly becomes a new adventure. The deepest blue waters stay protected and calm, hidden amongst the granite so that your swim is peaceful and serene. As a national landmark, Boulders Beach and its penguin inhabitants remain clean and welcoming for their 60,000 annual visitors. Travelers will find themselves tanning in the average 22°C weather and 295 days of sun, splashing in the many rock pools or strolling along the beach’s boardwalk through nature’s beauty. Whatever you find yourself hoping for in a tropical vacation, Boulder Beach has it all. Getting There Though this tropical vacation may sound like a far-away dream land, Boulders Beach is easily accessible with a number of different travel options with top Airlines including Delta Airlines, United Airlines and South African Airways. Major airports in Europe, Asia and North America are offering direct flights to Cape Town International Airport in South Africa. You can also directly fly from London, Miami, Las-Vegas, New York and Chicago. Once there, paradise is only an hour away. Get more flexibility in fares from popular cities including San Diego, Halifax, Calgary, Ottawa and Paris. You can easily rent a car to get around. However, tourists recommend taking a more scenic train route to find yourself near Boulders. Hop on a train in Cape Town and venture to Simon’s Town with the beach a short walk from there. You truly can experience the beauty of South Africa and make traveling part an incredible part of the journey.

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No 41- Lanikai Beach- USA