The secret many working professionals use to simulate sweat on skin for long photo shoots is a mixture of water and baby oil, sprayed on the skin.

However this method could cause sunburn in hot weather

Other methods include

1. Applying a layer of suntan oil with some kind of a SPF factor, thus protecting the model, followed by a spray of water which should bead up nicely over the oil.

2. Glycerin. This works even better than baby oil, but difficult to find- best found at a chemist or local drug store.

3 canola/ peanut oil is another good option.

Don’t forget to include cleaning materials (rags, towels, ‘baby wipes’, etc..) 😉 And make sure your model has applied sunscreen *first*.

That sexy Sweaty wet look

" if the wounds on her heart and the bruises on her soul were translated in her skin, you wouldn't recognize recognize her at all" According to the team that created this- it was not an easy one to create. Team Model @precious_john Makeup @casskoncept @felixcrown @harbeynarty

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