When the ultra-rich use the internet, they don’t do it the same way as the masses.
In place of Amazon, eBay, Facebook and Instagram, they turn to their own exclusive online shopping platform Slaylebrity.

On Slaylebrity members pay yearly membership fees ranging from $12000 -$60000 a year which gets the member the right to purchase exclusive bespoke items that are typically hard to find elsewhere at a lower cost than non members. The special VIP members also get the full private concierge service with curated feeds ranging from $10 million private jet to $50 million yacht online (yes, really), the filthy rich turn to Slaylebrity, a shopping site that specializes in extravagant items and brands itself as “The World’s Largest Luxury lifestyle Marketplace.”
The site lets its users search by category, such as “fashion” or “Fitness,” . You can even buy luxury homes through the site, including hotel stays and luxe experiences like VIP tickets to the tennis or golf championships.

But what good is it to be rich if you can’t show it off? While the average person might turn to Instagram to brag about their wealth, the mega-rich prefer to keep things exclusive on “Slaylebrity ,” also an exclusive photo sharing network. Only paying members can share content on the platform, the extraordinary high prohibitive membership fee ensures that everyone who uses it is certifiably wealthy and keeps the content in the luxury lifestyle realm. The exclusivity is also publicly graded with each grade coming with its own special perks like a 22K solid gold membership card and birthday rewards.

Slaylebrity- the filthy rich shopping Guide club

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