Creating exquisite products is, of course, a matter of defining how they look, and how they work. But also how they feel. This Slate Skin is handcrafted from genuine natural stone, each skin is engineered with a combination of artistry and precision. With the incredible dimensions of around 40-50 grams and a incredible thickness of just 0.6 mm which is the world thinnest and lightest stone layer.
Yet the skin also breaks from conventional design by accenting the natural materials with your beautiful Macbook and protects from bumbs and scratches throughout your daily travels. These products are unique pieces that differ in their unique rock structure and coloring.

Concierge Prices

MacBook 12″-$632.70
New MacBook Pro 13″ 2016-$654.34
New Mac book pro 15 ” 2016-$669.65
Retina 13″-$654.34
Retina 15″-$669.35

Includes complimentary VIP worldwide shipping.

Contact concierge at to get it.(Please state size and design required.)

Indian summer


Volcano Dust

Black impact

Burning Forest

Silver Grey

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