You know those ethereal mothers who have it all going for them? Perfect little squares of a perfect life, perfect child and a well trained #instahusband, who can get everything done and then some more and still have time for a manicure and a workout at the end of it all, who’s enthusiastic and friendly, with oodles of energy and some spare, open minded and outgoing, who’s morning coffee is pure perfection and the thighs are without a touch of cellulite. Oh and not a dark circle in sight! That’s definitely not me. I’m the total opposite. But here’s @ta.ta.ku who’s THAT person, not only an actual person (hard to believe, I know) but she’s smart and beautiful and draws the most adorable little creatures, a perfect mother to a daughter that’s angelic, she’s sacarstic and shares my kind of humor and if we ever had a chance to meet in person over a cuppa of the black caffeinated stuff we’d get on like a house on fire. All though I still believe she’s not real

By Javaholic and the boy

Have A peak at some pictures from the Instagram account of the woman in question where all this perfection was deduced below


We see it already

Insanely perfect

Oh what a bundle of joy

The cutest little buttons


Simply Amazing

A slay family is .....


No dark circles in sight

Picture perfect

Source: @ta.ta.ku

Perfect little angel

The definition of perfection

Perfectly trained instadad indeed!

Ok this really is the perfect life!



She says "test for being a good sister passed. Thanks to tiny new friend @vera_and_girls

We can't take this perfection anymore

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