This children’s clothing brand was founded by a mother of two and MA graduate of London College of Fashion Birgit Kadak.  The brand was created from a need for all things organic and it has become a great passion.  The collections are a combination of all the things the designer is most passionate about; art, design, fashion and motherhood.  Only Two collections are produced each year- spring/ summer and autumn/winter.  Only the very best organic materials available have been selected to produce unique clothing that will not harm your Bambinis sensitive skin.   Every piece has great attention to detail that makes them special.  The philosophy is to produce natural clothing of the highest standard. The final product is honest, ethical and sustainable.

Concierge prices:

Paola Romper (3 months-4yrs): €490.73

Charlotte dress(22 months-6yrs):€513.04

Madeline Romper dress (3-24 months):€502.44

Ellette Romper in Pink,Aqua or black( 0months-3yrs): €483.36

Paola Romper

That face when you realize it's Sunday

Charlotte Dress right Madeline romper left

Ellette Romper in pink

Loving rose

Simply dreamy


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