One of the many secrets to gorgeous skin is proper exfoliation. Getting rid of the dead skin and flakey bits can transform an ashen complexion into a dewy one. But you have to have the right products for your skin type, and We’ve got the very best of the best.

But before we introduce this luxury peel, here’s what you should look for in an exfoliation method. You can use facial scrubs, microdermabrasion kits or peels:

AHA Peels & Creams
Peels work to brighten skin by removing dead skin cells with alpha-hydroxy acids (or AHAs).
AHAs are glycolic or lactic acids derived from natural products including milk, sugarcane, and tomatoes. They work as a mild exfoliant, breaking down dead skin cells and helping create new cell turnover. Use these often and you’re left with smoother skin, a clearer complexion, and fewer blackheads.
Use AHAs once a week in the form of chemical peels or daily in the form of a moisturizer or topical cream. AHAs are also great for treating acne.

BHA Peels & Creams
Beta-hydroxy acids (or BHAs) are very closely related to AHAs. Another term for BHAs is “salicylic acid.” These come in the forms of creams and are great for anti-aging and for treating acne.

Scrubs work by manually removing dead skin. Great scrubs contain an exfoliant (think sugar or salt) and an oil (think jojoba, olive, coconut, almond).

Now to the mystery scrub.

This is a natural scrub, the very best of the best. Experience the effect of the purest salts from the French coast combined with the most precious and exclusive oils selected from the finest regions. A purely natural scrub for gentle, soft and hygienic hands. The scrub comes with a seashell to scoop the scrub out. This scrub comes in different scents.

The world tour of fragrances continues and leads us through remote areas, to deserted islands and into exotic countries. From time immemorial many have dreamed of experiencing adventure and exploring faraway countries. Everything that man does not know is exotic and exerts an almost irresistible charm on him.

On the journey through distant lands, the sensory impressions are sharpened and special moments are perceived more intensively. Whether during a beach walk at sunrise in the South Pacific, where the still slightly damp sand nestles through the feet, or while slurping a fresh coconut under the palm trees on the turquoise blue sea. The experiences are consciously recorded and saved as beautiful memories. The sweet smell of exotic fruits also contributes to an unforgettable holiday feeling. With the intention to capture this feeling and to bring the holidays into their own four walls, many product manufacturers have tried to preserve exotic fragrance essences and to process them as perfumes, bath additives or as room fragrances.

The exotic fragrance is a unique combination of the most diverse fragrance aromas, which carry the touch of adventure in itself. The composition of this fragrance can be very different. Most of the time, though, this style of fragrance is fruity, fresh and sweet. Associations of exotic fruits such as coconut, mango or papaya are created.

Whenever you want, you can start your dream trip to exotic countries. The gray monotonous everyday life is quickly forgotten on a journey full of colorful colorful pictures and exotic smelling fruits. The relaxing and at the same time exciting journey of thought to exotic places agrees positively to your state of mind and awakens the desire soon to discover even distant countries and cultures.

The sweet exotic fragrance can be found in these scrubs, among other things.

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Hot concierge tip:

Use this product with the skin combo pack from slay fitness for best results.

Peeling Wildberries

Peeling Rose

Peeling Ocean Maritime

Peeling Lemon

Peeling Lavender

Peeling Green tea

Peeling Exotic

Peeling coco vanilla

Peeling chocolat noir

Peeling China

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