There are hundreds of clothing brands in the world which are making clothes for kids. Some of these clothes are very stylish and according to the latest fashion. Mostly parents are conscious about their look and are willing to purchase expensive clothes for their kids to maintain their status and move in the high-class society. The clothes from these brands are very expensive and are not affordable to everyone, in reality only rich people can afford them. Parents want to see their kids in the most amazing clothes that make them look very cute and stylish. There is an increasing focus on bambini collections due to the increasing trend towards high end kid’s clothes. Kids of this modern age are also very conscious about their look and want to look as stylish as their parents.

Slay my bambini is a world class extremely high end online clothing store for kids with a focus on young girls aged 2-8. The prices of the clothes from this brand start from $1000 and could go as high as $6000. The clothes are all handmade with most luxurious quality materials money can buy and mostly made for grand events such as weddings, pageants, birthday parties, christenings.

The brand also has a limited collection of sunshades, matching mummy and daddy looks, shoes.

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As luxurious as it gets

As exquisite as it gets

As magnificent as it gets

Matching looks for mummy dada and mini mi

Matching with mama

Beautiful storm

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