This incredible designer started as a florist in Melbourne, Australia when she was a teenager and has always been passionate about nature and floristry. She then began to create flowercrowns to cover her scar on her forehead, which was a result of an incident when she was just a baby. At the time flowercrowns were just beginning to be sold in shops, however majority of other crowns lacked detail and individuality. Chelsea saw this as an opportunity to not only create crowns for herself, but for others around her who wanted something different yet beautiful.
Over time, she expanded her range to Mermaid Crowns which have taken the world by storm. Her Mermaid Crowns allow girls alike to be the mermaid they always dreamed of since being a little girl.

Flowercrowns and Mermaid Crowns can be worn anywhere, although most slaylebrities have worn them to various festivals and events. Anyone can wear the crowns to add some extra colour and vibrancy to their lives.

Shells are bought from suppliers that only collect shells from over flowing beaches around the world. Chelsea’s main supplier donates 30% of proceeds back into a variety of charities, mainly to help preserve the great barrier reef! Chelsea would prefer these be recycled and revamped to be seen in all their natural beauty. The shells are given new life rather than crushed and made into different types of adhesives and concretes.

Please note pictures are for reference each design is unique and is left to the discretion of the designer. Returns are not possible.

Concierge price:

Small crown: $1166
Large: $1378
Crown, sunshades and jewelry:$1484
Lace Fascinator: pink black or white-$817.98
Sunnies only: $706.66

Includes complimentary VIP worldwide shipping

Contact concierge at to get the look

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Fashion is like eating you should stick with the same menu

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