1. Ok, so here’s the skinny: Designed by Hermes in collaboration with jeweler and shoe designer Pierre Hardy, this Hermes Kelly is made out of solid rose gold dotted with a total of 1160 diamonds. The bag (bag-bracelet?) can be carried conventionally or worn with the handles around the wrist as a sort of bangle. After a few minutes of imagining, I guess I can see how the body of the “bag” might hang from the wrist without looking too awkward.
This isn’t just a piece of jewelry, though. Hardy molded the rose gold to look like crocodile leather, and the flap closure actually works, although the bag is too small to hold even a pair of sunglasses. Total manufacturing time on the pieces (yes, there are four styles that will be made three times each, for a total of 12 bags, according to the Financial Times) was two years.
This bag if you can get your hands on one will set you back $2million USD.

2. In June a Birkin bag broke records and became one of the most expensive handbags in the world. The rare Himalayan crocodile Birkin with white gold detailing and 245 diamonds was bought for $300,168 (£208,175) by an anonymous buyer at a Christie’s auction in Hong Kong.Jun 3, 2016

Hermes Kelly Rose Gold Crocodile bag

Price $2million

The attention to detail is staggering


Mind blowing details

The Birkin bag that broke records earlier this year

Sold at auction in Hong Kong for $300,168

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