There is a magical new cake trend in town that is almost too good to believe.

Based on the adorable legendary beast, unicorn cakes are the latest sweet treats to pop up on the table at birthday parties.

And while the mythical unicorn is notoriously difficult to track down, these cakes are a cinch to make.

Canadian cake designer Jenna Rae has been credited with creating the unicorn cake at her bakery in Winnipeg last year.

But it wasn’t long before imitations sprung up on social media and amateur bakers were giving the design a go.
And while the intricate cakes are undoubtedly a pleasure to look at, they are deceptively simple to make yourself.

Baker Nat Spencer from the Party Paradedescribed how to make your very own unicorn cake in an easy to follow step-by-step guide.

A big chunk of cake fondant is rolled out to make a thin cylinder, which is then split into two smaller rolls.

These rolls are then intertwined with each other to make the famous unicorn horn.

The remaining fondant is cut into ear shapes, which are stuck on to to the cake after it has been iced.

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Colorful unicorn cake

Source: cake design

So beautiful

Beautiful shot of this magnificent unicorn cake

So stunning

Loving the flower details

Another unique unicorn cake

Step by step instructions to make a unicorn cake

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