We absolutely adore these butterfly shades by Slay my shades. Click here to get blue butterfly

be sure to click on view all looks to get the other colors: pink, brown and pink

Blue butterfly

Glamour invites us to live in a different world. It has to simultaneously be mysterious a little bit distant- that's why, sunglasses are glamorous.Blue Butterfly with love from Slay My Shades.

There's something so sexy about these shades


Brown Butterfly by Slay my Shades

Side view of brown butterfly

Pink butterfly by Slay my Shades

Another view of the pink butterfly shades


Source: By slay my shades

White butterfly by slay my shades

Slay Angels looking spectacular

Wearing white butterfly

Just like a butterfly

You can always count on Slay my shades

It's always sunny at the slay network

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