The devil whispered in my ear what do you want love?? I should be scared but I’m so aroused.

I walked through the door. Something was off.
The air. A soft, sensual scent. Was it gardenia? No, this one had a distinctive muskiness. Jasmine.
So maybe my job as a perfume buyer isn’t as frivolous as my mother keeps reminding me. There are advantages.
I kicked my heels off and padded into the suite, barefoot. It was empty, neat — too neat.
Click. The door.
“Ma chèrie, Lucie. When did you arrive?”
He strode across the hardwood floor. For a moment, we gazed at one another. Then his hands were in my hair, his lips on mine — I was kissing him hungrily, as if I couldn’t have enough of his lips, his mouth, his smell —
The jasmine note.

“Lucie? Your hair smells like coconuts, so delicious, mmm — ”
“Simon, why do you smell of jasmine perfume?”
“Huh? Oh, ah, I might have bought it, you know I love experimenting — ”
“Okay, but I remember when we went to that shop and I wanted to gift you a jasmine perfume and it was a unisex product and I kept saying jasmine is for all genders and you said that it was too girly?”
He chuckled.
“Who cares, mon amour? Let’s take advantage of this luxurious suite my office is paying for, hmm?”
He began to trail little kisses on my neck, jaw, earlobe. I tilted my head back, hair falling loose over the bedpost. “Oh, Simon — ”
His hands were on my dress now, teasing my nipples as they hardened against the fabric. I unbuttoned his shirt, loosened his tie — we’d been married four years and I still couldn’t get over how beautiful he was in a suit. I sucked on the hollow above his collarbone, trailing my fingers along his muscled shoulders.
His mouth was insistent on mine, his cock rock hard in my hands. He was too impatient, easing his way into my pussy without taking off my panties, pushing the lacy fabric aside roughly as he entered. I gasped as he fucked me, letting out soft moans with each thrust.
We had developed a delightful rhythm over the years — he finished and helped me get off, I orgasmed, he’d get rock hard and pound me again, and then finger me until I climaxed; both of us had voracious appetites and couldn’t get enough. We were drunk on each other’s bodies.
This time, he climaxed in two minutes, groaning as he came, his face beside mine, buried in the pillow. He slid out and immediately began rubbing my clit, expertly stroking and dipping a finger into my drenching pussy, teasing, caressing until I crescendoed, hips arching, biting his shoulder in pure ecstasy.
“I love how you look as you cum, Lucie. So beautiful and sexy.”
“Where are you going, love?”
He had gotten up and was dressing again, smoothening the front of his shirt.
“My love, I have a business meeting. I will be back by dinnertime. Why don’t you take a nap? Once I’m home we can go to our favourite restaurant.”

Where is he going?
I had been following his cab for a while, and it was finally slowing down near a block of apartments downtown. It was enough that he’d come in smelling of an unknown perfume, but I had never seen him climax so vigorously.
To stalk my husband had been a split-second decision, and it seemed like I was right.
I sneaked into the swanky building right after him, taking the stairs as he waited for the elevator.
It stopped on the second floor. Thank God, I thought, panting as I raced up the stairs.
A woman’s throaty voice as the door opened.
“Simon, darling.”
I peeked from the stairwell in horror as I watched my husband embrace another woman at her doorstep. He was already pulling the straps of her spaghetti top down, squeezing her breasts as she moaned.
“Baby, let’s go inside. I want to devour you.”
What. The. FUCK.

His name left my mouth before I could stop. They sprang apart as I marched towards them, covering the last of the stairs.
The woman was looking from him to me in utter confusion, full lips slightly parted, as he looked equally bewildered.
“Ma chèrie — ”
“Don’t you fucking dare!” I threw my purse at him, which he ducked.
Even as I fumed, I could see her small, perky breasts still exposed. She was a stunning brunette, with hazel eyes, all peaches and cream. Beneath her pulled-down top she wore a pair of denim shorts that ended right above her bubble butt. She reminded me of the Instagram models my husband can’t seem to unfollow.
She turned to me, eyes locking with mine.
“You are his wife? Lucie?”
“Who are you?”
“Nicole.” Her eyes were mesmerising, flecked with amber. I couldn’t take mine off her. No wonder he’s fucking her, I thought.
“Lucie? Nicole? Can we take this discussion inside, please?”
My husband herded us into her apartment and quickly shut the door.
It was vibrantly decorated, macramé wall decor and dreamcatchers, abstract art pieces over the walls. There were rows of tiny candles lit, and this was the only source of light, lending our bodies a warm, diffused glow.
Nicole turned to me. I noticed her top was on the floor now. The sight of her topless was making me horny.
“Lucie, your husband is deeply in love with you. He talks about you so much.”
“Then why is he fucking you?” I hissed.
“Baby, look at her. Have you seen such a gorgeous face?”
“Simon, why didn’t you just tell me?”
“I’m sorry, baby, I just didn’t want you to feel like I don’t love you, I do — ”

My scream echoed through the flat. I turned to leave, but felt a soft hand grasp my arm.
“Lucie, please stay.” And before I knew it, Nicole was kissing me, teasing my mouth open, gentle yet passionate. She was an incredible kisser; I was entranced by her, her body, that familiar floral scent. Her bare boobs were smooshed against mine, her hands roaming.
“Lucie, I’m sorry, baby. Forgive me.” My husband was behind me now, kissing my neck, my shoulder, trailing his thumb along my spine as he pulled my zipper down. I shivered at his touch.
“Wait, wait, what are we doing — ”
“Shush, Lucie. Nicole, let’s go to your bedroom.”
We disposed of all our clothes, and fell on the bed. We kept kissing in a tangle of lips and hands and tongues, intoxicated. Simon had always been an insatiable lover but right now, he looked crazed with longing.
He laid us down side by side and commanded us to kiss as he went down on me. Nicole would silence my moans with her mouth each time he drew his tongue over the swollen lips of my sex. At one point he flipped her over and spanked her beautiful rounded buttocks as he continued to devour me. He was unrelenting until I reached my pinnacle with a loud cry.
Eager to please him, Nicole and I both took turns giving him a blowjob. It was ecstasy; sharing my husband with his gorgeous mistress was so naughty and subversive. As we ran our lips over his member in unison, my mind was in bliss; all I knew was that I couldn’t possibly cease sucking on him.
“Oh… ohmygod… Lucie, darling, come here, open your mouth — ”
As I obeyed, my husband spilled his semen into my wide-open mouth, groaning as he watched me take all of it.
“Let me have you my dear, I have waited so long.” Nicole pushed him on the bed the moment he had finished, and she straddled him, her body slender and exquisite, as she kissed his chest and stomach, rubbing his cock, making him hard again within minutes.
I watched them, aroused, as she climbed atop his huge erection, moaning as she took all of him in.
“Lucie, my love, come.” And I was in my husband’s arms as he kissed me deeply, groaning with pleasure as the minx rode him, bouncing faster and faster, her tits bobbing.
Smack. Gosh, I’d not imagined Simon spanking another woman as she rode him would ever make me drenching wet.
“Simon, I love you.”
“I love you too, Lucie. Nicole, darling, ride me harder.” Smack.
She kept riding him as my husband kept sucking and biting my lips, while he squeezed her bum, and I couldn’t take it any longer — my clit was aching, I was caressing it, the three of us were moaning in rhythm —
“Oh yes, oh yes!”

I’m not sure who screamed out but we climaxed in unison, my husband’s semen thick on Nicole’s thighs as she arched her back then fell on top of him, spent.
We spent the remainder of the night playing strip poker, drinking tequila, and making more love, in a glorious ménage à trois. It was the sexiest, naughtiest night of my life.
I was glad I had followed my husband.


Don’t worry your escapades are safe with us.








The devil whispered in my ear what do you want love?? I should be scared but I’m so aroused.

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