We all want long natural hair, alas without significant effort this can be an impossible feat.

Not to worry, you and your little one can still have the hair of your dreams if you follow this regimen religiously.

First of all the secret to long hair is in-fact hydration just like plants need water to grow, your hair needs water to grow. Secondly protein is another key ingredient for sustainable hair growth.
Lastly we do not recommend washing hair with shampoo

This routine is not terribly elaborate so don’t sweat it.

Morning and night

Use rice water on your hair ( to make rice water soak washed rice in Luke warm water and leave for 30 minutes, drain the water and pour into a hair spray bottle)

Use tea tree hair mayonnaise mixed with hair serum daily

Section hair into 4

Generously lather each section with
Hair mayonnaise by organics
Tea tree mayonnaise by organics
Tea tree conditioner
Hair serum by ORS

Leave hair in this mask for the entire day

In the evening Wash hair with Luke warm water

Oil hair after washing with tea tree mayonnaise

My mom follows this routine religiously and my hair has shown gratitude

my dress is from slay my bambini

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